From cribs to crayons_ Etsy's top kids' categories revealed

Most prominent online marketplaces offer a sheer diversity of children’s products. Etsy is no different, boasting an astonishing 20,354,675 listings under the keyword “kids”.

However, children of various ages have different needs. This figure is therefore not so overwhelming, as there’s room for new market entrants in specific niches.

But what are the top kids’ categories on Etsy? What products are shoppers mostly searching for?

In this article, we explore the answers to these questions.

How big are children’s products on Etsy?

Before exploring the dominating kids’ categories on Etsy, it’s worth analyzing the general state of the market.

Are children’s products worth your time?

To find out, we used Sale Samurai’s Search module. We typed in “kids” in the tool’s search bar to gauge its search volume.

According to the software, a total of 208,840 users search for this keyword every month. This is a significant demand, implying that this niche is one worth pursuing.

But “kids” isn’t the only relevant word used by consumers. There are many other ways to refer to youngsters, including “children”, “toddlers”, and “babies”.

For a broader overview, we researched the keyword “children” to find out that it’s generating a much lower search volume (2,666).

We applied the same methodology for “baby” and “toddler”, and received the search volumes of 149,380 and 29,472, respectively.

The data reveals that the children’s category that receives the highest search volume is “baby” with a total of 8,756,750 Etsy listings.

If you think this figure is too high to compete in, you may be surprised. Digging further into the market, we discovered numerous sub-niches and baby categories that have lower competition.

Below, we share interesting insights on some of the most lucrative ones.

What product categories are shoppers mostly searching for?

In a highly competitive market, the best way to stand out is to focus on a specific category and theme.

According to our research, the most attractive sub-niches in the children’s market include:

  • Toys: listings count – 1,952,820; search volume – 208,454
  • Gifts: listings count – 7,288,893; search volume – 146,390
  • Nursery decor: listings count – 906,917; search volume – 40,060
  • Clothing: listings count – 859,662; search volume – 13,639
  • Books: listings count – 83,440; search volume – 4,650
  • Bibs: listings count – 66,921; search volume – 3,243
  • Chairs: listings count: 19,592; search volume – 32

Based on search volume, it appears that baby toys, gifts, and nursery decor generate the most queries.

These are the product categories that we will be exploring in more detail below.


The list above already reveals the search volume and listing count for baby toys on Etsy.

To find out more about this niche, we explored the most frequently used tags via Sale Samurai. This enabled us to get an idea of the supplementary keyword strategies employed by sellers to reach their audience.

As it turns out, Etsy tags such as “crochet animals” (41,478), “educational toy” (40,811), “sensory toys” (39,999), “wooden toys” (38,535), and “Montessori toys” (12,479) accumulate a combined monthly search volume exceeding 150,000.

When it comes to pricing, the tool uncovered that the lowest price is $3.40, the highest price is  $125.00, and the average price is $25.97.

Although there are no strict rules on pricing strategies, asking for a price around the average in the market is highly recommended. In this case, positioning your baby toys at around $25 will make your listings competitive, increasing the chances of sales.

One great example of an Etsy shop that implements this approach is GenimeDesign. The shop features a wide array of products. However, one of their bestsellers is a personalized baby toy gift basket for the price of $24.02.

While the price may not be the only factor for success, it certainly influences the strong performance of this item.


Another attractive children’s niche to enter is baby gifts.

Here are the keywords sellers are proactively using to get more eyes on their products:

  • baby gift – 205,508
  • personalized gift – 205,419
  • baby gifts – 146,390
  • baby blanket – 40,002
  • keepsake box – 39,294
  • elephant – 31,647
  • rabbit – 25,985
  • teddy bear – 10,228

Next to each word, you can see its monthly search volume.

Instantly, it becomes clear that personalized baby gifts are in high demand on Etsy. In addition, there are plenty of specific themes to explore, such as baby blankets and keepsake boxes (which can also be promoted as gifts for enhanced results).

Moreover, the insights from above suggest that animals are a popular trend in the baby gift sector. For instance, words like “elephant”, “rabbit”, and “teddy bear” are likely to increase your listings’ traffic.

The minimum price in this category is extremely low at $1.54. However, the highest price is $137.00, while the average price is $22.89.

Looking at one of the top-performing shops in the space, we identified a similar pricing strategy as the previous example.

Wonderyardo offers a range of baby gift products. One of their most successful listings is a custom-made baby rainbow night light for $23.39. This price is just over the market average, positioning the item competitively on the marketplace.

Nursery decor

The final children’s category that we’ll examine is nursery decor.

Sellers in this space are focusing on high-search-volume keywords such as:

  • wall decor – 208,580
  • name sign – 205,333
  • wall art – 205,094
  • nursery name sign – 42,201

These words indicate that wall decor is among the most in-demand niches, followed by name signs.

For new sellers, tapping into these specific categories can guarantee traffic and satisfactory sales numbers.

When it comes to pricing, the lowest-priced baby nursery decor items sell for $1.99. The most expensive ones are in the region of $139.50, while the average price in this sub-category is $31.58.

Note that nursery decor items have the highest average price of all three categories. This could potentially mean higher returns. But before you jump to any conclusions, make sure to calculate your expenses and make accurate profit forecasts.

One of the star sellers in this segment is LeeCreativeStudio, offering a baby mobile. This product is priced very close to the average of around $47.23 (just like the other two bestsellers we analyzed).

Our tip list for sellers seeking to enter the baby sub-category on Etsy

Looking at each of the insights from above, we can pinpoint a few best practices to adhere to within the baby niche.


Regardless of the type of baby product you’re selling, be sure to promote it as a personalized item.

Use high-search-volume keywords such as “baby” in your listing. Optimize your title as fully as possible by describing your product in the 140-character space Etsy provides.


Prices play a huge role in buyers’ purchasing decisions. It’s therefore essential to adopt a result-proven approach with your pricing strategy.

We strongly recommend setting your price in alignment with the average within your specific niche or sub-category.

Wondering where to find this data?

Sale Samurai automatically calculates the average prices for you with a click of a button. It’s that easy.


There’s more to listing optimization than just pricing adequately and using all the right keywords.

It’s also about visually representing your products in the best possible light.

While some sellers have fully utilized the ten available image slots per listing, others haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity.

This oversight takes away from the chance to showcase your product from different angles or in different use cases. At the same time, it also hurts your rankings as Etsy’s algorithm won’t consider your listing optimized to the fullest.

Where possible, always strive to upload ten high-quality images per listing.

Final thoughts

Entering the children’s niche on Etsy can seem like a daunting task, given the competition.

Luckily, there are plenty of sub-niches that are easier to penetrate, like the baby categories we analyzed above. To choose the ones with the highest potential, you’ll need all the insights you can get.

The good news is that for a minimal investment of only $9.99 per month, you can take advantage of Sale Samurais’ features and capabilities.

Leap ahead of the competition and enjoy fruitful returns.

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