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Etsy Search Volume Tools Summary

Sale Samurai provides Etsy search tools to determine search volume, competition data, and more.

We do this through 2 specific search tools:

  • Keyword Search
  • Etsy Chrome Extension

These tools allow you to visualize and quickly research what keywords on Etsy are being searched per month, the competition data, the cost per click data, and more through the Sale Samurai software or DIRECTLY on the Etsy platform.


In order to launch new products on Etsy, or optimize existing listings, you need up to date information about how many people are actually looking for products using your keywords.

Our tools enable you to quickly find keywords that get searched, will convert, and ultimately lead to a thriving Etsy business.

How To Use

There are 2 primary tools inside of Sale Samurai that will provide search volume.

The first is the product keyword search that be found in the left hand menu.

The keyword search is broken down into a basic Etsy search and a single listing search.

Start by entering a seed keyword, and clicking on search.


This page will provide you with the keyword phrase you entered, how many monthly searches that keyword gets on Etsy, and the competition and click through rate.

Sale Samurai also provides Google search volume, CPC and competition so you can see if your keywords are commercially viable.

Sale Samurai also provides other keyword suggestions along with Etsy search volume, and the number of times the most popular tags were used on best selling products.

If you use the Single Listing Search tab instead, start by clicking on it:

Start using this tool by copy and pasting an Etsy product URL in to analyze the search volume of that particular listing’s tags:

The other place that Sale Samurai shows Etsy Search Volume, is directly on the Etsy platform itself.

To take advantage of this, you will want to install the Chrome extension from the top menu:

This will then transform your Etsy search bar to show monthly search volume at a glance.

All of this information can be saved inside of Sale Samurai or directly to your machine so you always have it available for your Etsy business.

Who Can Use Etsy Search Volume?

These tools are available for all Sale Samurai members.

They should be used for any Etsy seller who wants to make sure that their products are using keywords that Etsy shoppers are searching for each month, who want to get their products in front of a larger audience, or who want to optimize previous listings with more up to date tags and titles.

Our Pricing Plans

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  • Listing Data
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  • Tag Suggestions
  • Shop Analytics
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  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Listing Data
  • Real Etsy Search Volume
  • Tag Suggestions
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  • 3 Day Free Trial

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