The best and the worst summer party gifts to offer this Q3 on Etsy

Summer parties are in full swing, and the hunt for the perfect gift is on. As for Etsy sellers, it’s time to tap into the sunny season and boost your sales with standout handmade items. But which ones will sizzle

Father’s Day merch and memorabilia on Etsy: Special occasion for some, payday for others

Father’s Day is more than just a time to celebrate dads. Оn Etsy, it’s a golden opportunity for sellers. From personalized gifts to unique memorabilia merch, creative artisans are turning heartfelt tributes into booming sales. Curious how this special occasion

Handmade hair accessories on Etsy: When tools turn into lucrative works of art

From simple hairpins to elaborate headpieces, handmade hair accessories on Etsy are transforming everyday tools into stunning works of art. These unique creations not only add a touch of elegance and personality to any hairstyle but also open up a

Handmade dog collar and leashes on Etsy: When taking your pet for a walk comes with a 4-figure bonus

Transforming everyday pet accessories into handmade masterpieces is proving to be quite the lucrative undertaking. Dog collars and leashes are no longer just functional items. They’re stylish, personalized creations that pet owners adore. In this article, we dive into the

Finding Opportunities For License Deals On Etsy

Among other things, I work with Image Ten, the original production company for the classic 1968 horror film that created the “zombie” genre, Night of the Living Dead. After half a century of watching their potential earnings fly out the

Upcycling: One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure!

“Upcycling” is a fancy new word for an older item that has been altered or repurposed to become something completely different and useful. It’s not only good for the planet (saves landfill), but it is also a way for you

How To Avoid Or Navigate Setbacks In Your Etsy Business

Creating for your Etsy store can be fun, but sometimes the running of it can be challenging. We all encounter obstacles from time to time, and it’s good to know where to find helpful information. Sale Samurai’s blog archive is

Etsy and the ADD/ADHD Brain

Last year I was officially diagnosed with ADHD after exhibiting the characteristics for most of my life. Like you, I’m creative. Like you, organization comes easily to me. Chances are, if this headline grabbed you, then I also share your

What Does Etsy Consider “Handmade”? And How Many Fingers Should That Hand Have?

Etsy started as a platform for shoppers to find unique, one of a kind handmade crafts that they would typically find made by artisans at local craft fairs. As crafty (sorry) as manufacturers can be, choking the shelves of Michael’s

To Every Thing There Is A Season, And To Every Season, An Opportunity!

Like any retailer, an Etsy shop succeeds when it has an eye on seasonal salability. So this week, we’re going to Spring Forward! Despite a calendar full of seasons and holidays, we tend to focus the most on Christmas. Legend