Roundup: Zero Production Cost Options for Etsy Sellers

Resource constraints, particularly financial ones, are frustrating obstacles for anyone who uses their creativity for a living. With Etsy still growing, the frustration is in watching this e-commerce haven for the creator from the outside looking in. Your art is

What Will Sell on Etsy In 2024?

Whether you’re a hand-crafter, a wood-worker, blacksmith or someone who trades in digital downloads, you’ve found a successful home at Etsy. And if your sales trends are tracking with the trajectory of mot Etsy sellers, combined with the financial forecasts

How To Make And Sell Printable Invitations and Birthday Cards on Etsy

The party niche has always been big on Etsy. For years now sellers have listed all sorts of party paraphernalia including things like decorations, flowers, and custom calligraphed invitations on the Etsy marketplace. With the rise of digital downloads and

A.I.: Create With It, Don’t Let It Create For You

I’ve recently written about how A.I. can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. That’s because this area is ripe for scammers who promise to make their jobs easier by blindly trusting A.I. to handle the hardest part of their jobs. As

How to Sell Social Media Templates as Digital Downloads on Etsy

No matter how you look at it, there is always money to be made in social media. Even with the introduction of AI and algorithm updates, you can still make money in the social media space if you know what

Fringe holidays on Etsy: Do they make for good handmade niches?

When searching for ways to diversify your portfolio on Etsy, you’ve probably brainstormed ideas around official holidays. Handmade gems for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and St. Valentine’s Day sell like hotcakes. But what about unofficial holidays? Can fringe holidays form attractive

Etsy offers some truly stunning handcrafted jewelry boxes: Here’s why you should enter this niche

If you’re a jewelry enthusiast or someone with an eye for unique treasures, you’re in for a treat. Etsy, the artisanal heaven, beckons you to explore a niche that seamlessly blends craftsmanship and elegance. From intricately designed keepsake boxes to

Marketing Module Pt. 2: Mastering Social Media Marketing for Your Etsy Shop

Mastering Social Media Marketing for Your Etsy Shop A few weeks ago, we talked about how to leverage social media for branding your Etsy shop. If you followed our advice, you’ve now completely optimized your social media approach as it

Marketing Module Pt. 1: Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Etsy Shop

Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Etsy Shop I know few creative people who said, “I can’t WAIT to start the sales process!” We think with the other half of our bran than those who have sales in their DNA. However,

Branding Module Pt. 3: Extending Your Etsy Brand Beyond the Screen: A Guide to Tangible Branding

Extending Your Etsy Brand Beyond the Screen: A Guide to Tangible Branding As someone who got his start in the branding, product design and branding world long before the Internet, I am still surprised at the number of folks who