Father’s Day is more than just a time to celebrate dads. Оn Etsy, it’s a golden opportunity for sellers.

From personalized gifts to unique memorabilia merch, creative artisans are turning heartfelt tributes into booming sales.

Curious how this special occasion can become a payday for you?

In the following sections, we take a deep dive into the Father’s Day niche on Etsy. We explore key market insights, check out the best practices employed by top performing sellers, and more.

An overview of the market for Father’s Day merch on Etsy

Father’s Day is one of the most awaited and celebrated holidays in the USA and worldwide.

Taking place on June 16th, this special event is another opportunity to show dads how special, appreciated, and loved they truly are.

Naturally, this creates money-making opportunities for artisans on Etsy.

By creating captivating and properly optimized listings, you can skyrocket your Father’s Day merch sales.

But let’s see what this niche has to offer.

Using a combination of Etsy and Sale Samurai for our research, we evaluated the following key metrics:

  • Listing saturation
  • Etsy search volume
  • Competition levels

Here’s what we found.

Listing saturation

To determine whether Father’s Day merch is a wave-creating category on the marketplace, we performed a quick search on Etsy.

We typed in “Father’s Day” as a broad keyword into the platform’s search bar. As a result, we received more than 1,000 products to choose from and purchase.

This demonstrates a healthy, well-saturated market, with plenty of sellers actively competing for attention.

Although this is initially a good sign, it could also create challenges related to competition.

In the next sections, we find out whether this is an accurate concern.

Etsy search volume

Next, via Sale Samurai, we identified the Etsy search volume of the main keyword “Father’s Day”.

This metric is fundamental when assessing a market and shaping your sales strategy. It portrays how attractive certain products are to shoppers and how often they browse for them on Etsy.

When it comes to “Father’s Day”, the term generates a monthly search volume of 511,735.

This is a pretty decent result given the popularity of the special occasion.

But to truly understand whether this is a niche worth tapping into, it’s necessary to compare this result against the level of competition.

Competition levels

Unfortunately for those hoping to enter the Father’s Day realm, the space is overcrowded and characterized by aggressive competition.

With a search volume of 511,735, the phrase “Father’s Day” has a competition level of 2,243,364.

For newbies, this means that chances of standing out from the crowd and securing satisfactory levels of traffic are close to none.

But don’t worry.

There’s a way that you can still sell Father’s Day merch and avoid this obstacle.


By niching down.

Let’s find out what some of the most popular sub-niches are when it comes to Father’s Day merchandise on Etsy.

The top searched-for keywords

One of the best ways to pinpoint attractive sub-niches in any given market is to analyze the dominating keywords in the space.

This technique will enable you to understand the consumer behavior or shoppers on Etsy. It will also point you towards the phrases that the majority of buyers are actively browsing for.

As a result, you’ll be able to create a winning sales strategy by optimizing your listings for those exact keywords.

In the Father’s Day category, here are the leading terms:

  • card father’s day – 33,700
  • cute father’s day – 33,159
  • pap father’s day – 32,816
  • 3d father’s day – 32,392
  • father’s day gift – 29,562
  • father’s day cards – 29,475
  • father’s day svg – 29,197
  • father’s day card – 29,123
  • father’s day mugs – 29,072

Next to each keyword, you can see the number of times it has been searched for on a monthly basis.

Right off the bat, we can see that all of these phrases have higher search volumes than the broad keyword “Father’s Day”.

This proves that they are more popular and therefore promise higher sales volumes for those that rank well for them.

In addition, we can extract two intriguing sub-niches from the list – Father’s Day cards and Father’s Day mugs.

Let’s see how their metrics compare to the general “Father’s Day” domain.

Father’s Day cards

Using Sale Samurai, we made an interesting discovery. As it turns out, some of the sub-niches associated with Father’s Day products are more popular amongst shoppers than the broad term “Father’s Day”.

Cards that cater to this event are one such example.

According to the tool, the monthly search volume of “card father’s day” is 33,700. In contrast, that of “Father’s Day” is only 26,871, as we showed above.

At the same time, the competition level of this niche phrase is much lower than that of the general term. While more than 2 million listings strive to rank for “Father’s Day”, only 215,254 compete for “card father’s day”.

This is a rare scenario, where the sub-niche promises better performance than the broad market.

Most importantly, your niching down doesn’t have to stop here.

By analyzing some of the popular tags associated with Father’s Day cards, you can optimize your listings for an even narrower audience.

For example, these tags dominate the scenes:

  • fathers day card
  • father’s day card
  • card fathers day
  • card for dad
  • fathers day gift
  • card father’s day
  • happy fathers day
  • dad card
  • card for daddy
  • card for him

Instantly, you’ll notice that these phrases all represent the product type – card for dads.

However, they differ in their word sequence, use of word versions, and more.

Each one of these tags has an individual search volume, enabling you to boost your rankings. By optimizing your listings for several of these tags, you can climb higher in search results and outperform others in the pool of competition.

For example, one of the bestsellers in this niche is “Funny Father’s Day card, dad I can never repay you, funny dad wallet card, funny card for dad” by PinkMangoPrintCo.

The product sells for $9.47 and contributes to the shop’s 4,000+ reviews and 16,000+ sales.

A glance at the title shows how this artisan has implemented this best practice of keyword optimization. They’ve used “Father’s Day card”, “funny dad wallet card”, and “funny card for dad” all at once.

This helps them position their product in front of a wider audience, doubling their chances of success.

Father’s Day mugs

The second sub-niche we investigate is Father’s Day mugs.

According to Sale Samurai, “father’s day mugs” as a phrase generates 29,072 in search volume per month. It also comes with a competition level of 227,529.

Just like in the previous example, the search volume is higher than that of “Father’s Day”, while the competition level is lower.

This means that sellers who are new to this market are bound to perform better by optimizing listings for “father’s day mugs”.

Our discoveries on the dominating tags differ from the above, however:

  • fathers day mug
  • fathers day gift
  • gift for dad
  • fathers day
  • dad gift
  • father’s day mug
  • funny dad mug
  • mug for dad
  • father’s day gift
  • best dad mug

Previously, we mostly saw different versions of “Father’s Day card”. On the other hand, we can see new words making an entrance, including:

  • Funny
  • Gift
  • Best

These are essential to consider as they can help you improve your sales strategy by styling your mugs and enriching your titles and descriptions even further.

For instance, one of the top performers in the market has utilized this tactic to land sales.

“Best Dad Ever Mug, Personalized Photo Mug For Dad, Mug With Picture, Kids Photo Mug, Father’s Day Gift” by CrealityShop sells for $20.07 and has more than 300 product reviews. The product contributes to the shop’s total sales of 12,921.

This achievement is possible thanks to several implemented best practices. One of them is the use of trending tags and keywords.

A look at the title reveals that the seller optimizes for “best” and “gift” – two of the tags we discovered earlier.

They also strategically use words like “kids”, “personalized’, and “mug with picture” to describe the item even better and boost rankings further.

This demonstrates how fundamental it is to adequately use keywords to your advantage when preparing your listings for Etsy.


Overall, Father’s Day merch can be a great way to diversify your portfolio on Etsy or get started as a fresh new seller.

However, be careful when choosing your products and optimizing your listings. According to our research, the best product types to market are Father’s Day cards and mugs.

As you advance your Etsy gig further, don’t forget to use Sale Samurai as your go-to business intelligence tool. With powerful capabilities at your fingertips, you can quickly stand out from the rest and skyrocket your sales.

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