If you’re a jewelry enthusiast or someone with an eye for unique treasures, you’re in for a treat.

Etsy, the artisanal heaven, beckons you to explore a niche that seamlessly blends craftsmanship and elegance.

From intricately designed keepsake boxes to personalized wonders, here’s why diving into the realm of Etsy’s handcrafted jewelry boxes is a journey worth taking.

The size of the handmade jewelry box niche on Etsy

Jewelry boxes are must-have gems that find their place in most households.

But just because they’re a necessity doesn’t guarantee that they’re an attractive market on Etsy.

To determine whether this is a niche worth your time, we dived deep into the numbers.

Using a combination of Sale Samurai and Etsy, we came to the following observations.

First, there are more than 608,000 listings on the platform that ranks for “jewelry box”. This represents a significant market size, where thousands of artisans compete for traffic.

Such active presence usually suggests a significant buyer demand.

This theory is confirmed by insights from Sales Samurai, revealing a monthly search volume of 352,911 for the main keyword “jewelry box”.

At the same time, the competition level of this word is 564,142. Categories in which the competition is higher than the search volume are usually more challenging to enter.

However, the good news is that the handmade jewelry box space is extremely diverse. It consists of a wide array of sub-niches, enabling sellers to narrow down their target audience and gain a competitive edge.

We’ll explore this opportunity in detail below.

Market prices and profitability

The substantial demand in the jewelry box niche is not the only factor that makes this market attractive.

It’s also about profitability.

Based on Sale Samurai data, the following numbers represent the lowest, highest, and average prices in the space:

  • Minimum price – $0.52
  • Maximum price – $2,173.91
  • Average price – $63.32

As you can see, most sellers ask for around $63 for handmade jewelry boxes. At the same time, others price much higher, reaching $2,100.

While it’s difficult to forecast returns without information about production, storage, and shipping costs, one thing is certain. With such high prices in the niche, most artisans can enjoy a large margin and higher returns.

The diversity in the handmade jewelry box space dissected

Earlier, we mentioned that handmade jewelry boxes are extremely diverse. This makes them an attractive niche to penetrate for several reasons.

First, it offers Etsy artisans creative avenues for money generation. Second, niching down enables targeting specific audiences, boosts rankings, and improves sales performance.

Now, let’s uncover the most popular themes and sub-niches in the jewelry box domain.

We’ve extracted these themes based on monthly search volumes and have categorized them into individual groups.

General themes

The first theme group is related to general sub-niches that are difficult to categorize.

According to the data, some of the most popular searches on Etsy are for:

  • cake jewelry box – 125,511
  • inlay jewelry box – 73,203
  • coffin jewelry box – 55,025
  • locking jewelry box – 47,523
  • fairy jewelry box – 31,715
  • gift jewelry box – 31,048
  • antiques jewelry box – 27,140
  • beach jewelry box – 23,680
  • hippie jewelry box – 23,046
  • engraved jewelry box – 20,947

Right off the bat, we can see that phrases like “cake jewelry box” generate 125,511 searches per month. This indicates tremendous potential in this narrow segment.

The list also consists of interesting themes, like coffin, fairy, beach, and hippie jewelry boxes. We can also see that a lot of shoppers browse for boxes that are engraved, have locking mechanisms, and serve the purpose of gifts.

All of these ideas can be used as starting points for a bullet-proof sales strategy.


When analyzing the handmade jewelry box market, we also uncovered that animal-inspired products also dominate the scenes.

Here are the animal-based keywords that accumulate the most searches:

  • fox jewelry box – 53,070
  • cat jewelry box – 52,985
  • bird jewelry box – 31,031
  • butterfly jewelry box – 19,013

Let’s say you’re wondering what designs to add to your jewelry box. Crafting a beautiful box with fox elements on the exterior and optimizing your listing title for “fox jewelry box” will help you reach more than 53,000 people.

Combined with an appropriate price and quality imagery, you can turn this product into a success story.


As it turns out, shoppers are also very specific about the materials they’re looking for when it comes to jewelry boxes.

The ones that inspire the biggest interest are:

  • leatherette jewelry box – 23,875
  • glass jewelry box – 23,694
  • brass jewelry box – 23,328
  • leather jewelry box – 22,924
  • jewelry box wood – 22,557
  • mahogany jewelry box – 20,584
  • lacquered jewelry box – 19,362

When producing your next jewelry box, keep this list in mind.

According to the information, the majority of consumers search for leatherette boxes. However, materials like glass, brass, leather, and wood are also popular.


As you’ve probably already guessed, color plays a crucial role in purchase decision-making.

This is confirmed by the following search volume data:

  • blue jewelry box – 31,837
  • black jewelry box – 31,713
  • green jewelry box – 23,341

Instantly, you can see that blue jewelry boxes are frequently browsed for, with a monthly search volume exceeding 30,000.

The two other trending colors we identified are black and green.

Note that this doesn’t exclude all other colors from the equation. However, the insights suggest that you’re likely to enjoy the sweetest sales volumes by crafting blue, black, or green jewelry boxes.


Another component that shapes unique sub-niches is the target audience.

While you can market your jewelry boxes to all shoppers on Etsy, it’s more effective to promote to a specific group.

In this segment, the most popular audiences are:

  • girls jewelry box – 121,860
  • kids jewelry box – 39,758
  • baby jewelry box – 30,992

This data is perhaps the most surprising of all. It reveals that kids’ and baby jewelry boxes are in demand.

As a seller, you can take advantage of this opportunity to diversify your portfolio. For example, if you’ve only sold adult jewelry boxes for women, try creating a baby jewelry box designed as a gift for baby showers.

This will enable you to penetrate this particular sub-niche and satisfy more than 30,000 customers.

The most frequently used tags in listing titles

Examining trending keywords in the jewelry box niche is one way to detect lucrative themes.

Another way to approach this is to observe frequently used tags in listing titles.

Tags are similar to keywords. However, their main difference is that they live in the backend of the listing and are not featured in the title. Their sole purpose is to influence rankings by boosting the relevancy of your products.

In the handmade jewelry box domain, the following tags stand out:

  • Ring box
  • Gift for her
  • Trinket box
  • Custom jewelry box
  • Birthday gift
  • Travel jewelry box
  • Keepsake box
  • Storage
  • Jewelry case
  • Christmas gift
  • Jewelry organizer
  • Personalized gift
  • Wedding gift
  • Bridesmaid gift
  • Mothers day gift
  • Valentine gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Holiday gift

A quick glance at these findings shows that they also unearth attractive niches and themes.

Some of them are focused on special occasions (like weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and Christmas). Others simply describe the nature of the jewelry box (keepsake, storage, custom, ring box, personalized).

Regardless, all of these words can come in handy when optimizing your listings and gearing your products for success.

The performance of top-performing Etsy shops

Now, let’s identify whether the bestsellers are making use of these valuable discoveries.

Are they targeting some of the keywords we shared earlier? Are they pricing around the average in the market?

Lamoriea is one of the most successful handmade jelewlry box shops on Etsy. Its “Jewelry Box Organizer for Women Girls, Large Jewelry Storage Organizer with Drawer Women Jewelry Organizer Holder Case, Christmas gifts” stands out with popularity, attracting nearly 400 product reviews.

At $47.66, this product attracts a lot of attention, contributing to the shop’s popularity.

When analyzing the title, we can see that the seller strategically uses high-search-volume keywords like “girls”, “storage”, “Christmas gifts”, and “case”.  All of these appeared in our lists of popular keywords and tags earlier.

The price also contributes to this item’s outstanding performance. It’s slightly lower than the market average ($63), positioning the product competitively.

Overall, the Lamoriea shop has received a total of  34,705 customer reviews and has landed more than 176,022 sales

Its diverse product portfolio spans from water bottles to Christmas gifts, with a total of 23 jewelry boxes for sale.

This diversity, combined with the strategic optimization of listings, helps this seller climb to the mountain peak of performance.


The handmade jewelry box space on Etsy is one worth considering as a seller.

It’s a popular trend among consumers, offers creativity and variety, and promises fruitful margins.

To quickly grow your sided gig in this segment, don’t forget to take advantage of all that Sale Samurai has to offer. With key insights at your fingertips, you’ll have everything necessary to outperform others in the market.

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