The French word “décalcomanie” or the English version “decalcomania” refers to a way of transferring prints to pottery. And while historically useful, in today’s modern world we rely on electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops for this process.

The best part?

Sellers can now create personalized and exceptionally catchy decals and skins as a side gig on Etsy.

Wondering what the market holds for those who are into this niche?

Find out more below.

How big is the market for handmade decals and skins for electronic devices?

When browsing the Etsy marketplace for “skins” or “decals”, it’s essential to add a supplementary keyword to your search.

Why? Because simply typing “skins” in the search bar will expose you to a broad range of make-up collections, brushes, and creams.

We began our research by using the phrases “skins for laptop” and “decals for laptop”. These keywords allowed us to uncover 170,224 and 661,867 Etsy listings respectively.

Next, we utilized Sale Samurai to conduct thorough keywords research. This enabled us to understand the search volume for related products.

In the following sections, we share our discoveries.

Listings saturation and search volume

Right off the bat, we identified considerable search volume for the keyword “decals” and similar phrases:

  • “xo decal”: search volume – 26,629
  • “yhlqmdlg decal”: search volume 3,496
  • “yfz450 decal”: search volume – 3,427
  • “tmnt decal”: search volume – 3,201
  • “sxs decals”: search volume – 3,142
  • “decals”: search volume – 2,194

Although slightly lower in search volume, the word “skins” also generates substantial demand:

  • “xboxseriesx skin”: search volume – 3,555
  • “ps5 skin” search volume – 2,723
  • “nintendo skins”: search volume – 1,033
  • “nintendo skin”: search volume – 996
  • “laptop skins”: search volume – 976

Note that most decals appear to have interesting abbreviations before the keyword, representing industry-specific terms.

Meanwhile, skins are typically used for gaming rather than for laptops, according to search behavior.


When discussing keywords, tags are another critical listing factor to analyze.

They are extra words that can be employed for listing optimization, ensuring higher rankings and traffic.

We examined both decals and skins in this regard to see what tags sellers are relying on to get in front of the right audience.

Here are the results:


  • “Stickers”: search volume – 26,649
  • “Vinyl”: search volume – 26,591
  • “Sticker”: search volume – 26,155
  • “Laptop sticker”: search volume – 3,560
  • “Iron on decal”: search volume – 3,435
  • “Vinyl sticker”: search volume – 3,428
  • “Vinyl decal”: search volume – 3,309
  • “Decals”: search volume – 2,194


  • “Nintendo switch skin”: search volume – 3,692
  • “Laptop sticker”: search volume – 3,560
  • “HP laptop skin”: search volume – 3,494
  • “Decals”: search volume – 2,194
  • “Decal”: search volume – 1,863

It quickly becomes apparent that decals and skins for electronic devices are used almost interchangeably.

Moreover, these insights show that searches for “Nintendo” skins and laptop stickers dominate the scene.


Our search process would be incomplete without studying what sellers in this niche are charging for their products.

This data is key to making informed decisions and crafting a bullet-proof pricing strategy.

Using Sale Samurai, we were able to instantly reveal the lowest, highest, and average prices for listings that rank for our niche keywords.

Here are our findings:


  • Lowest price: $1.00
  • Highest price: $155.99
  • Average price: $10.59


  • Lowest price: $0.75
  • Highest price: $199.99
  • Average price: $25.33

It becomes clear that the highest prices in both categories exceed $150. This rate is quite extreme, considering the average price in the market ($10.59 and $25.33).

To offer an accurate overview of the classic bestseller in the space, we’ve focused on top-performing listings priced near the market average.

We offer these insights below.

What are the best-selling merchants doing right?

Now that we’ve covered the niche fundamentals, let’s deepen our research.

What tactics are the most successful sellers applying to outperform others?

Two decals and skins listings for electronic devices instantly grab attention when it comes to chart-topping items.

Here is a brief breakdown of their strategies.

Best seller 1: Decals

  • Title: LUXURY Topography LAPTOP SKIN Decal Sticker, Topography Laptop Skin Decal – Custom Size
  • Seller: JuliDecals
  • Price: $12.00

Best seller 2: Skins

  • Title: Stiker Master Custom Laptop Skin Upload Your Own Image Protection Vinly Decal Skin (Logo Cut) Compatible Acer All Models
  • Seller: bystickermaster
  • Price: $23.99

Keyword use

Interestingly, the first top-performer uses keywords like “skin”, “decal”, and “sticker” reciprocally. In addition, the seller has specifically indicated that the decals sizes are custom made to order.

This is a strategic approach to reach a particular audience and guarantee higher rankings.

Similarly, the second bestseller also features the words “sticker” and “decal skin” in the title, which are also used interchangeably.

The use of identical tactics throughout these two successful products proves that they are best practices that can prepare you for sky-high sales.

Pricing strategy

As noted earlier, we specifically selected two bestsellers that are priced near the average in the market.

This is a popular technique for both new and experienced merchants. It positions the listing competitively against others, neither overpricing nor underpricing the item.


Examining the visual representation of the products, we can conclude the following.

One of the bestsellers has barely optimized their listing for imagery. They have only added two images from a total of ten available slots.

This signals that the niche is not extremely competitive, given that less optimized listings make it to the top.

The second bestseller from our analysis has, on the other hand, taken up all their real estate space allocated by Etsy for images. The listing even features a video as an easier way for consumers to identify, view, and choose to purchase the product.

This contrast reveals that while imagery may not be a number one ranking factor, it can play a significant role in your performance.

Our tip-list for sellers seeking to enter this niche

Given the uncovered data, it’s safe to say that the market is not yet oversaturated. The low prices additionally indicate that there is room for competition. Put otherwise, new entrants can quickly gain momentum and score sales with a solid sales strategy.

Here is our advice to sellers seeking to penetrate this market:

  1. Keywords: make sure to use the keywords “skins” and “decals” interchangeably across titles and descriptions. If possible, consider using words like “sticker” as well. Remember that most of the products in this niche are custom-made. If this resonates with your products, ensure that you specify this in your listing title.
  2. Prices: pricing around the average in this niche is highly recommended. That’s because the highest prices in both the decals and skins niches are exceptionally high and are unlikely to yield sales.
  3. Images: don’t forget to use up all the visual space Etsy allocates per listing by filling it with high quality image and video content. Although fewer images won’t directly hurt your performance, a well-optimized listing has much higher chances of discoverability and, therefore, traffic.

Final thoughts

Having gone in-depth into the skins and decals for electronic devices niche, we can conclude that it’s definitely worth pursuing as an Etsy seller.

However, to compete effectively, you need to optimize your listing using high-search-volume keywords, set adequate prices, and ensure you showcase your offering via high-quality images.

You can achieve this with accurate and extensive research, listing optimization, and market insights.

Unlock all of this and more for a mere $9.99 per month by signing up for a Sale Samurai subscription. Attract more eyes to your product, boost your visibility and turn your Etsy gig into a success story.

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