Have you ever dreamed of creating your own signature scents, captivating the senses of customers worldwide?

With the rise of artisanal perfumery on Etsy and the growing demand for unique fragrances, there has never been a better time to embark on this adventure.

In the following sections, we delve into the art of crafting perfume samples and uncover the secrets to building your very own fragrance empire on Etsy.

Are perfume samples a popular niche on Etsy?

Etsy is known for its diverse range of handmade and artisanal products.

Naturally, it would appear that it’s also a go-to marketplace for anyone looking for unique scents that cannot be found in mainstream stores.

But if you’re planning to enter this product category as a seller, guesswork won’t be enough.

You’ll need a wide array of insights to help you determine whether perfume samples are a profitable and lucrative niche to explore.

To help you make this decision, we offer a detailed overview of the market. Using Sale Samurai’s features and modules, we analyzed the market size, its popularity among shoppers, prices, and more.

Here’s what we found.

Listing saturation

First, we examined the market size of perfume samples by exploring the listing saturation in the space.

A quick search on Etsy for “perfume sample” displays a total of 3,666 results. This is a good indicator that we’re looking at a well-developed segment with a healthy saturation.

We were exposed to diverse and creative products, featuring perfume oil combinations, beautiful packaging, rare and authentic aromas, and divine photography.

But our research also enabled us to make one key discovery – there’s more than one way to browse for these items.

We noticed that “fragrance sample” also appears in listing titles. By slightly modifying the original search term, we received 4,960 results.

This suggests that “fragrance sample” is more actively used by artisans for listing optimization than “perfume sample”.

Let’s see if this matches the search volumes of these phrases.


According to Sale Samurai, the keyword “perfume sample” only generates 398 searches per month. At the same time, it comes with a high level of competition (6,162), making it challenging to rank for.

Surprisingly, switching the two words in the phrase to “sample perfume” presents a completely different picture.

More than 68,000 Etsy consumers browse products using this term. Meanwhile, the keyword only has a competition level of 6,162, which is much lower than the search demand.

In a nutshell, this data reveals that both “perfume sample” and “sample perfume” have competition levels of around 6,000, yet the latter accumulates around 67,600 more searches per month.

This makes “sample perfume” the most result-guaranteed keyword to target by far.

Earlier, we noted that a lot of listings on Etsy contain the phrase “fragrance sample”. Checking into this keyword, we found that only 21 users search for this term, while its competition level is 13,100.

This makes “fragrance sample” an option that we don’t recommend pursuing when crafting your listing titles and descriptions.

As a seller, these findings are crucial for your sales strategy. The choice of main keyword to target can make or break your performance.

Trending sub-niches

Apart from the distinction between the main keyword versions, we also explored the wave-creating sub-niches in the market.

We did this by assessing other popular keywords related to “sample perfume”.

Here are our discoveries:

  • crybaby perfume sample – 52,339
  • byredo perfume sample – 41,641
  • arab perfume sample – 34,209
  • chloe perfume sample – 29,678
  • dior perfume sample – 28,994
  • coffee break perfume sample – 22,125

Right off the bat, we can spot dominating perfume brands and scents that consumers actively show an interest in.

This data can further empower you to enhance your strategy by offering samples of these aromas or similar flavours.

Exploring popular tags

Keywords may be the driving force behind high rankings in search results, but tags are also crucial for your visibility on Etsy.

Just like keywords, they help make your products more visible. The fundamental difference between the two is that tags remain invisible and live in the back-end of your listing.

By exploring the most frequently used tags by some of the bestsellers, we reached the following conclusions:

  • Unisex and women’s perfume samples prevail – tags like “women”, “ladies”, “girls”, and “unisex” dominate the scenes, indicating that these are the target audiences you want to focus on as a seller.
  • Some aromas outperform others – scents like floral, gothic, mint, jasmine, and Arabic are extremely popular in the perfume sample niche on Etsy. Creating items based on these specifics will help you increase your chances of high sales volumes.
  • Size matters – we also noticed that there are plenty of tags related to perfume sample sizes. This suggests that describing your product’s size in the title or description will boost your performance.


Considering that earlier we selected “sample perfume” as the phrase with the highest search volume, we’ll continue our price analysis based on this term.

The market prices of sample perfume listings  are:

  • Lowest price – $0.99
  • Highest price – $499.00
  • Average price – $31.69

While it’s difficult to predict precise financial returns based on this information, you can orient yourself on how you can position your listings.

For example, it’s considered an effective strategy to price around the average (in this case $31.69). This technique will allow you to attract a wider customer base as your items will appear affordable and of decent quality.

However, if you have more experience and popularity on the marketplace, you can ask for as much as $499 for your perfume samples.

Based on your expenses for production, storage, and shipping, you can forecast your margins and calculate your potential revenue per sale.

A best-selling example

Now that we’ve laid out the basics, let’s take a sneak peek into one of the bestsellers in the perfume sample realm.

Choose Your Perfume Oil Sample” by OlivineAtelier sells for $9.60 and has received more than 630 reviews, contributing to the shop’s total review count of 3,870.

This shop specializes entirely in fragrance, with samples being a leading product category. With more than 13,000 sales, this seller is one worth analyzing in detail.

What’s striking here is that the title doesn’t contain any of the above-mentioned details, like target audience, aroma, or size. Instead, it focuses entirely on the personalization feature of the perfume oil sample.

This signals another crucial factor that shapes this market – customization.

If you’re planning to tap into this segment, it’s advisable to experiment with listings that offer personalized scents to shoppers.

Building your fragrance empire based on diversification

When it comes to perfume samples, thinking outside the box is highly rewarded.

Although you can create a profitable side gig entirely centered around perfume samples, there’s more to explore from this world.

For instance, some additional product types that perform well on the platform include sample perfume bottles, sample perfume sets, sample perfume organizers, and even sample perfume holders.

Each of these examples represents a niche on its own and can be utilized to grow your popularity and sales.


Based on our research findings, we can conclude that Etsy sellers can undoubtedly profit from perfume samples.

To turn your shop into a success story, don’t forget to follow some of the best practices provided above. Use business intelligence tools like Sale Samurai to your advantage and make strategic decisions every step of the way.

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