Exploring Etsy's chandelier market_ Trends that glow with success

Are you an aspiring Etsy seller looking to shine with success? The chandelier market could be just the right one for you.

But let’s not leave the future of your side gig to intuition.

Is the chandelier space thriving on Etsy? What are some of the trends and best practices that you need to know about? How profitable is the segment?

We answer all of these questions in the sections below.

How big is the market for chandeliers?

Using the versatile features of Sale Samurai, we analyzed the size of the chandelier market.

We typed in the main term “chandelier” into the Search module and received some interesting results.

Below, we dissect the fundamental metrics that shape this niche’s size – listing saturation and search volume. We also look at tags to reveal the dominating words used for listing optimization in the space.

Let’s dive in.

Listing saturation and search volume

When determining the size and potential of a niche, it’s vital to assess listing saturation and search volume.

Here’s why.

Listing saturation demonstrates how many products rank for a specific word. In this case, we received a total of 217,335 Etsy results when browsing for “chandeliers”.

This signals that the market is well-developed and there is some level of competition. In most cases, this suggests substantial consumer demand.

On the other hand, keyword search volume shows how many shoppers search for a specific term on a monthly basis. The higher the search volume, the more popular a product is among consumers.

Here are the top-performing keywords with the highest search volume from the chandelier niche:

  • “murano chandelier”: search volume – 13,127
  • “foyer chandelier”: search volume – 12,681
  • “chandelier”: search volume – 10,219
  • “sputnik chandelier”: search volume – 7,943
  • “capodimonte chandelier”: search volume – 5,268
  • “antler chandelier”: search volume – 5,170
  • “chandelier lighting”: search volume – 5,089
  • “empire chandelier”: search volume – 5,079
  • “globes chandelier”: search volume – 5,076
  • “capiz chandelier”: search volume – 4,900

From these results, we can deduce a couple of important things.

First, the combined search volume for chandelier searches is extremely high, surpassing 80,000. This suggests a near balance between demand and supply within the chandelier market on Etsy.

Second, it appears that niche searches outnumber those for the main keyword. For instance, Murano chandeliers are products created in the traditional Italian mid-century modern style. More than 13,000 users browse for these items.

On the other hand, only around 10,000 shoppers search for “chandeliers” on Etsy.

This discovery suggests that niching down within the chandelier market is extremely effective.

But what about the creator’s side? Are sellers optimizing listings with these high-search-volume keywords?

Let’s find out.


Tags are very similar to keywords. They’re short words or phrases that describe the item you’re selling.

Unlike keywords, tags live in the backend of your listing, helping you rank higher for specific searches.

Here are the top tags that sellers are using to get in front of the right audience:

  • handmade jewelry”: search volume – 149,248
  • “home decor”: search volume – 148,960
  • “lamp”: search volume – 146,520
  • “art deco”: search volume – 32,219
  • “light”: search volume – 21,319
  • “pendant lights”: search volume – 12,010
  • “ceiling light”: search volume – 11,810
  • “light fixture”: search volume – 11,803
  • “pendant light”: search volume – 11,619
  • “chandelier”: search volume – 10,219

What should immediately catch your attention is the presence of “handmade jewelry” in the search results.

Why is this important?

Because this phrase uncovers that there’s a particular style of earrings that’s called “chandelier”.

That’s why there’s some coverage of earrings and jewelry in these tags as opposed to references to lighting accessories.

However, digging deeper, we noticed that there are several variations of the word “chandelier” with a correspondingly high search volume.

This indicates sufficient search to warrant an interest in this niche, confirming our earlier findings.

How are sellers pricing their chandelier products?

Chandeliers are large and intricate objects. Considering their nature, it should be no surprise that they’re usually pricier than most other products on Etsy.

But let’s be more specific, How much do chandeliers cost?

Looking at the lowest, highest, and average prices in this domain, we uncovered the following:

  • Lowest price: $1.00
  • Highest price: $3,555.56.00
  • Average price: $239.33

Right off the bat, we identified something intriguing.

The cheapest chandelier on Etsy costs $1 according to this data. To explain this discrepancy, we should go back to the previous section.

Earlier, we mentioned that the word “chandelier” can also be used to describe specific earrings. There’s a possibility that there are other product categories or styles where the word is used.

This skews the results. At a first glance, you could be tricked to believe that a chandelier can cost as low as a dollar.

Use this example as a reminder to always approach your research with critical thinking and in-depth analysis.

What are the best-selling merchants doing right?

So far, we’ve studied the theoretical side of the market.

But there’s more to it.

Let’s explore two bestselling listings in the chandelier niche to get an idea of how things look in real life.

Seller 1

  • Title: Clear quartz points hanging lamp, Crystal lamp, rock lamp, chandelier lighting, pendant lights, ceiling light, rustic decor
  • Seller: SpiritBrothers
  • Price: $248.59

Seller 2

  • Title: Automotive Oil filter Pendant Light. Chandelier.
  • Seller: ZALcreations
  • Price: $295.00

Keyword use

If you want to keep things simple, we recommend pursuing the strategy of seller two. They’ve crafted a minimalist heading, containing only six words.

Apart from the seed word, the remaining keywords describe the product’s specific niche and function.

On the other hand, seller one uses multiple phrases, separated by commas. This listing title is stuffed with keywords, which is not an ideal strategy according to the books.

However, the success of this product speaks for itself, meaning that other factors have tilted the scales.

Some of the featured words include “lamp”, “light”, “chandelier lighting”, and “lights”. This technique is applied to capture as many of the searches as possible, resulting in high rankings.

Pricing strategy

Both top-performing listings are priced around the market average.

The sellers have received hundreds of great reviews, suggesting that their pricing strategies are effective.

This only proves how beneficial it is to position your listings around the average in the niche.


While seller two may not have optimized their title, they have certainly made an effort to maximize their use of photos. Their listing boasts 10 images, fully utilizing Etsy’s available visual space.

In contrast, seller one presents their product with just five images. This is a different approach, and it’s generally not recommended as it doesn’t align with their ranking strategy.

Our tip list for sellers seeking to enter this niche

So far, we’ve extracted valuable data from the chandelier market on Etsy.

However, to be successful in this space, you’ll need to adapt your seller strategy based on these discoveries.

Below, we’ve summarized our findings and have provided practical tips for you to implement.


Sale Samurai reveals that “chandeliers” is a must-have search term in your listing title.

You can always add secondary keywords with a lower search volume for descriptive purposes and traffic but the main keyword is essential.

It is one of the reasons why seller two is generating so many positive product reviews and sales.


When selecting your pricing strategy we highly recommend positioning your listing somewhere near the average in the market (in this case –  $246.51).

Yes, chandeliers can be expensive. But to avoid overpricing, make data-backed decisions based on insights from Sale Samurai.

Setting your prices too high can potentially estrange a significant portion of your audience, making your products less accessible in terms of affordability.

If you set your rates too low, your product may be perceived as low quality.

Opting for a pricing strategy around the industry average is a proven approach that yields successful results.


Finally, we highly advise using every opportunity that Etsy provides for optimizing your listing with images.

In other words, utilize the full 10 image slots available per listing to increase your chances of rankings higher.

It’s also important to provide professional and diverse photos of your chandelier. Capture your product from different angles and in real-life settings.

Showcase every unique feature of your item and encourage your audience to choose your chandelier over a competitor’s.

Final thoughts

The chandelier market on Etsy is not oversaturated and generates high search volumes.

A crucial consideration when venturing into this niche is the need to optimize your titles effectively. This is important because your target audience might be searching for “chandelier earrings” rather than chandeliers.

To help you figure out these intricacies, you’ll need a tool like Sale Samurai at your side to help with your listing optimization process.

For the price of $9.99, you can raise your Etsy side gig to a whole new level.

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