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People love cats. It’s just how the universe works. Searching for the word “cats” on Etsy will give you a massive 1,025,520 results (including ads) and a search volume of 26,666.

Does this mean the niche is saturated and you can’t bring your creativity to the table? Absolutely not.

Sale Samurai is able to help you craft a best-selling strategy to get your feline product in front of the right people.

Let’s find out how.

Top Handmade Items For Cats On Etsy

Below you’ll find out more about the top handmade products for cats, the best Sellers, and their strategies on Etsy that you can emulate, too.

Cat Trees

We’ve all seen them. They give a cat immense pleasure to climb on and they’re gaining in popularity. In fact, the Google search volume for cat trees is a sizable 246,000. Meanwhile, there are 2,928 searches on Etsy for this item with a total of 32,029 listings. The average number of views sits at around 7,448 with 566 average likes and seven photos per product, also on average.

Top Seller: One of the top items in this category is the “Cat Bunker – Cat Tree Cat Hammock Cat Shelves Cat Shelf Cat Love Cat Gift Cat Tower Cat Eco Toy Cat Bridge | Catastrophic Creations” by the “CatastrophiCreations” Seller. They’ve made a total of 17,350 sales, pricing their product at $348.00 – boldly above the $283.37 average. They get around 16,816 views, and have 1,738 likes. Overall, this Seller is doing pretty well since it was established in May 2018.

Strategy: Taking a closer look at their strategy, it’s evident that they’ve optimized their keywords using 23 title words, 130 title characters, and 13 tags. They also display the full set of 10 images. The short shipping time (one to two days) means customers are more likely to be satisfied (and they are) with the nearly 2,000 likes they’ve received to date.

Cat Beds

Designed and built for sheer comfort, cat bed searches are also pretty high. The Google search volume is 110,000, while on Etsy it sits at 707. And the listings? You have 28,968 competitors out there who have entered the niche. But can you do better? We’re sure you can. So, let’s take a closer look at this category in general before proceeding to identify an individual Seller. Cat beds, on average, get 4,831 views. They also get around 424 likes and Sellers post in the region of seven images to display their products.

Top Seller: Which Seller is doing well here? The answer is “MakaArtCrafts” with their cat bed going under the following title: “Cat hammock, Ergonomic cat bed, Cat furniture, Cat macrame, pet hammock, Cat gifts, Pet hammock, Macrame hammock, Oak bed, Eco furniture”. Established in March 2019, to date, the Seller has made 2,360 sales with high praise for their product, which has received five out of five star ratings and 304 reviews. The Seller’s overall efforts have yielded 40,419 views and a total of 2,594 likes.

Strategy: They price this product at $197.90, somewhat above the average of $118.78. One downside is that they ship in a relatively lengthy 10 to 15 days. However, they’ve optimized their retail space on Etsy, using nine images. Furthermore, they’ve used both the keywords “cat bed” (Etsy search volume of 580) and “cat furniture (Etsy search volume of 177) to include as many possible variants of customer searches in the title as possible. This helps them rank higher and ultimately leads to more sales.

Cat Collars and Bow Ties

Of course, many cat owners would like to pamper their pets and make them look stylish with cat collars and bow ties. This quirky and cute habit has led many Etsy Sellers to create and sell these product types. So much so that there are 15,508 listings on the platform at the time of writing. The average number of views for these items is in the region of 1,600; Sellers get around 217 likes, and they also optimize the space Etsy gives them with an average of six photos per Seller.

Top Seller: Looking a bit deeper into successful shops, we find that “PetFunToy” is a star-seller in this category. Their success can be demonstrated by the fact that they’ve made a total of 32,136 sales since their creation in July 2021. This is quite a feat. They’ve also shown to be appreciated by their customers as they get five out of five ratings with 5,716 reviews. The Seller has priced this product at $25.88, quite a bit higher than the average for this category, which stands at $16.80. What’s more is that they have gotten 81,912 views of this item (compare this to the number of listings available and you get the idea that this product is very popular indeed), and they also have received 10,308 likes so far.

Strategy: Their best-performing item is titled “Green Velvet Personalized Cat Collar with Bow tie Set, Engraved Kitten Name Tag, Rose Gold Bell & Hardware, Small Dog Collar UK Free Shipping”. It really tells a customer what they’re getting right from the get-go – both a cat collar and a collar for a small dog. In addition to their free shipping option, they also deliver quite fast. In fact, they take between one and three days to ship. They have also optimized their space on Etsy by showcasing the product with the full 10 images.

Cat Feeding Stations

And finally, we reach cat feeding stations with a Google search volume of 4,400, an Etsy search volume of 115, and low competition in this niche with 1,044 total listings. On average, these items get around 1,842 views, 140 likes, and the Sellers in this category post in the region of six photos each.

Top Seller: “PinkBau” is the Seller in this niche, which has gotten quite a lot of views already. In fact, the total number of views to date is 24,352. This is also quite significant when compared to the total listings. It indicates there is interest in this product. Their “Triple Wood Raised Pet Feeder, Cat Feeder, Dog Feeder, Cat feeding station made of spruce wood with three elevated stainless steel bowls”, has made 853 sales to date since the shop’s creation in February 2016. This cat feeding station is evidently liked by customers as they’ve rated it with 4.8 out of five stars, it has received 179 reviews and 546 likes to date.

Strategy: They’ve priced their product just above the average with theirs going for $61.99. The Seller here also ships in between five and fifteen days, with five being the average for this category of items. This is something that can be improved upon in the future to provide better customer service. They have fully utilized the space given to them on Etsy by posting 10 photos of their item. Also, interesting to note is the specific keywords they’ve used. In their title, they use the keywords “cat feeding station” which gets a significantly higher number of searches per month than the keywords “cat feeder”. However, to ensure they capture both search queries, they’ve included both keywords in their title. A smart strategy to follow.

Key Takeaways

Cat products on Etsy are killing it. By aggregating some of the most interesting strategies related to cat products, we’ve come to the conclusion that shorter shipping days are one of the leading factors for success. Pricing near and even above the average is another key takeaway. In terms of keywords, we recommend including keywords with a high search volume in the title in addition to the ones describing the product. And when it comes to pictures, we strongly advise you to use as much of the retail space as Etsy provides. In the best-case scenario, you should be filling all picture slots without exception.

We realize that the research process needed to come to these conclusions is extremely tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. With Sale Samurai’s “Search” tool, all you need to do is enter the keyword or single listing you’re looking for, hit the “search” button, and you’re ready to make informed and accurate decisions about your products and Etsy business.

The tool is so powerful, it brings back data at your fingertips that would normally take you hours if not days to sift through in mere seconds. Although everything is aggregated for you, you can also look at single Sellers and their strategies to determine which one you should be using in the cat category on the platform.

With Sale Samurai going for only $9.99 per month, this is an affordable investment you don’t want to miss out on. With a world of insights at your fingertips, you can seriously optimize your listings and get ahead of the curve.

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