Although the Covid-19 pandemic played a big role in people turning to do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions around their homes, the DIY and crafts industry has been rising rapidly in recent years. Crafts offer people an opportunity to express their creative sides, to create something unique. Through Etsy’s craft supplies and tools category, Sellers can do just that and earn a living from something they love.

Some of the subcategories that have seen impressive growth over the past year include fabric and notions, floral and garden supplies, as well as patterns and how to guides. Considered quite a broad category, craft supplies and tools can range from nail decals and egg stamps to crochet patterns and wire strips for face masks. Some of the biggest opportunities for Sellers are yet to be explored, but this is still an excellent niche to get into, especially if you’re not quite the artsy type but have the resources to help those who are.

How Does Etsy’s Craft Supplies And Tools Product Category Work?

To effectively categorize what exactly falls into the craft supplies category, we need to turn to Etsy for some guidance. They say that these are “tools, ingredients, or materials whose primary purpose is for the creation of an item or a special occasion.”

The craft supplies that Etsy permits to be sold on its platform include supplies that may be handmade or vintage or even commercial. Some examples of craft supplies include: beads, paints, fabric yardage, patterns, DIY kits, blanks whose main purpose is crafting, and more. In addition, party supplies – such as balloons, confetti, and cake toppers – can also be sold as craft supplies. Items that do not qualify as craft supplies include mass-produced clothing and accessories which are ready for retail sale, or blanks that are ready to use as is.

What Are The Most Sought-After Etsy Craft Supplies and Tools?

Nothing beats numbers to support research. This is why we looked at what Etsy found as the top shopping pattern increases year-after-year. Curious about what they are?

Here are the trends as of January 2022:

  • DIY: There was a 346% year-on-year growth in searches for this category. Some of the most prominent searches were on making one’s own accessories, home improvement projects, as well as pastimes for all ages. Floor stencils, for example, saw a 181% increase.
  • Mask-Making Supplies: This category has seen a staggering 2,089% increase in search volume for supplies that relate to mask-making. The types of materials here include sewing materials, elastic, sewing machine needles, and more.

  • Hobbies: Etsy saw a 350% increase in searches for quilt fabric and a 100% increase in searches for knitting. This signals a return to some classic hobbies or the taking up of brand-new skills. Embroidery is another area that saw interest.
  • DIY kits: These may range from actual kits to downloadable patterns. As long as the instructions and directions are easy to follow and it’s highlighted in a Seller’s listing description, this category is another popular one with a 956% increase in searches for “embroidery kit”.
  • Crafting: Etsy saw an 87% increase in searches for “easy crochet” but crafting can also encompass activities like rug hooking, coloring, doodling, etc.
  • Nature: There’s also a clear interest in natural elements with a 119% increase in searches for “forage” and a 143% increase in searches for “flower press”. Flower crafts, which are made using either artificial or dried flowers, are a great niche for Sellers to consider.
  • Tie dye: This is great for both adults and kids, and it’s not just a fashion trend but a great hobby, too. For example, Etsy saw a 192% increase in searches for “tie dye” and a 102% increase in searches for “natural dye”.

  • Gardening implements: Some of the most popular ones in this category include indoor and outdoor plants, terrariums, seed kits, garden tools, and plant markers. In fact, this category saw a 53% increase in searches for the word “succulent”.
  • Children: As parents seek to entertain their kids and take some of the pressure off as opposed to keeping them in front of TV sets, there was a whopping 688% increase in searches for “kid craft”.
  • Reusing/repairs: Finally, there was a 120% increase in searches for the keyword “mending” with more shoppers seeking to return to simpler times whilst taking care of the environment.

Top 10 Curated Craft Supply Stores

Now that you have an idea of what items have sold best over the recent period, it’s worthwhile noting which some of the top performing stores were.

As of January 2022 they were:

  • Wintercroft: With 18,731 sales, Wintercroft sells DIY masks from recycled cards.
  • snugglymonkey: Sales figures for this shop rose to 8,252 with premium quality craft supplies.
  • bluemagpieinvites: Impressive product photography and presentation in the wedding invitation space.
  • TheAmateurNaturalist: Selling terrarium kits, all while presenting their products in an impressive way.
  • BearCreekDesign: Perfect for felting kits with excellent presentation.
  • BeadedGardenUK: For the perfect scrap fabric packs.
  • forestinspiration: For wooden buttons and branch wood crafts.
  • tenderlovecardstock: For paper goods.
  • SquawkBoxStudio: Party kits and invitations.
  • VioletteFieldThreads: Exciting patterns with over 11,000 sales.

So, what makes craft supplies and tools such an awesome category to get into?

Well, if you’re a craftsperson, you already have access to these tools and materials and it is easy to expand your shop into a successful business.

This is in contrast to handmade products, which have to be crafted first, and then marketed or vintage items, which have to be collected first.


Selling craft supplies and tools on Etsy can be a profitable business if you find the right products and jump on the trends quickly enough. With DIY expected to remain as a popular subcategory of craft supplies, you can easily take advantage of this niche to offer DIY-ers the right tools and equipment to help them get started.

The DIY market is expected to rise exponentially by 2024 and this is a great market to get into. Etsy could be the perfect platform for you, as it targets exactly those creative shoppers that you’re looking for. Then there are categories for kids apart from adults, and this is also a great category to try out. Also make sure to check out what other successful shops are doing and how they’re optimizing their listings. This will be a great starting point on your way to selling craft supplies and tools on Etsy.


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