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Marble is a popular choice of material for interior designers as it’s often associated with style and elegance. It also facilitates the creation of stunning handmade home decor pieces.

If you’re an Etsy seller that is active in the home decor market, marble may have crossed your mind as your next go-to niche. But is this market as profitable as you’ve imagined? Can it truly transform your performance and make your sales hit the roof?

The only way to find out is via a detailed market analysis. To save you some time, we’ve done it all for you.

Let’s go over our discoveries together.

The size of the marble home décor niche on Etsy

Our first look into the size of the marble home décor space on Etsy appeared very promising. We began our journey on Etsy and searched for products from this category. The platform displayed more than 111,000 results that rank for the keyword “marble home decor”. In other words, the market is well-developed, with plenty of sellers competing for sales.

Sale Samurai confirmed this theory. The tool brought back more than 50,000 listings that rank for the main keyword.

However, we came across a whole different story when we dug deeper into the keyword metrics. The phrase “marble home decor” only receives 47 search volume per month. Put otherwise, less than 50 users on Etsy search for such products every month. This is far less than what is considered worth the effort.

But before we could be certain, we had to look at other keywords related to the market. For example, we uncovered that phrases like “marble tray” generate nearly 350 searches. This indicates that there is interest towards the market. To find out what shoppers are specifically looking for, we took a deep dive into the different types of marble home decor.

Types of handmade marble home décor on the platform

Although marble home decor is a niche on its own, there are many different roads to take. For example, you could sell marble vases, clocks, bowls, or others. But which sub-niches are bound to reward you with higher earnings?

Here are some of the most frequently seen marble home decor types on the marketplace.

Marble canvas art

With a monthly search volume of 34, marble canvas art is a keyword that 14,334 listings rank for. The average price in this sub-niche is $80.67.

Marble bowl

The search for marble bowls is much higher or 339 per month. At the same time, fewer sellers are competing in the space, as only 5,778 products rank for the keyword.

In addition, the average price of marble bowls on Etsy is $144.11, creating significant money-making opportunities for sellers.

Marble trays

Another highly searched-for niche is the marble tray one. The keyword receives a monthly search volume of 339.

10,764 listings rank for it and the average price in the market is $119.15.

Marble coasters

399 users search for marble coasters on Etsy every month, while 18,431 listings rank for the keyword.

The average price is vividly lower than other sub-niches, levitating around the 42-dollar mark.

Marble clocks

With a low monthly search volume of 24, marble clocks is a keyword that 1,567 listings rank for. The average price in the market is significantly higher, at $378.67.

Marble candleholders

Marble candle holders generate only 35 searches per month, yet 5,599 listings rank for the phrase.

The average price in the sub-niche is $78.28, which is relatively lower than most others.

Marble vases

Although only 30 shoppers search for marble vases on Etsy per month, 4,861 listings rank for the word, making it highly competitive. In addition, the average price of such products is $125.43

So, what can we conclude from these findings? Of all of the sub-niches explored, marble trays are the most popular among consumers. They also have a considerably high average price, meaning that you can expect to earn more from them if you’ve properly positioned your listings.

Dissecting the bestsellers

You may be wondering what some of the bestsellers in the marble home decor space are doing to generate sales. Is it their choice of sub-niche? Perhaps it’s their pricing strategy? What about the photos they use?

Let’s find out.

One of the bestselling items in the marble home decor niche is the “12” Black Zebra Marble Fruit Bowl, Marble Bowl, Decorative Bowl, Centerpiece, Table Decor, Home Decoration, Modern Home Decor,Modern Bowl #2listing. The seller has received 4,908 shop reviews and has generated over 15,000 sales.

The product has a hefty price tag of $204.99, yet lands sales, making it extremely fruitful for the seller. It’s a handmade item that is created using stunning black zebra marble. From a sneak peek on Sale Samurai, we discovered that the listing is optimized with 9 out of 10 images. This helps it rank better than competitors and attract more traffic from shoppers.

It also utilizes the full 13 tags that  Etsy allows per single listing. Some of them include “marble decor”, “Christmas gifts”, “gifts for her”, “marble centerpiece”, “marble decoration”, “black marble”, and more. As you can see, the keyword assortment here is extremely diverse. This empowers the seller to reach a wider target audience and to position their product ahead of the competition.

Best practices to employ when entering the marble niche on Etsy

Based on all of the outlined above, we can understand more about what tactics perform well in the marble home decor niche. Consequently, we are also able to recommend some practical tips on entering the market like a pro.

Select the most profitable sub-niche to compete in

Earlier, we introduced you to some of the most frequently seen marble home decor types. We also saw that general keywords like “marble home decor” can sometimes receive much less search volume than specific ones, like “marble trays”. We, therefore, advise you to always try to niche down as much as possible. Perform your research to detect the most lucrative sub-niches and cater your products to these markets.

From the options we examined, we recommend marble trays and marble bowls as the most opportunity-rich ones. Why? Because they have the highest search volumes but also the highest average prices. Their competition level is also not unbearable, meaning that you can outperform others with a bullet-proof strategy in place.

Don’t neglect the importance of product images

Images are considered a ranking factor on Etsy. Not only this, but they’re also your one shot to present your handmade, authentic products in the best light. In fact, it only takes a few seconds for a customer to determine whether they’re visually attracted to a listing or not. And it all comes down to the choice of imagery.

Take advantage of all 10 available photo slots on Etsy. Furthermore, don’t just upload random photos of your product. Make sure that they have professional quality, provide an aesthetically pleasing layout of your marble home decor piece, and grab attention.

Position your listings in the right price zone

Next, win more clients by offering a reasonable price. Although there are many different pricing strategies that you can explore, we advise sticking to the one that works for new market entrants. In the majority of cases, this means positioning your listings near the market average.

In the case of marble home decor in general, the average price in the space is $165.18. However, we also saw that each sub-niche comes with a different average price. This means carefully assessing the prices in the specific market you’re planning to sell in.

Create a rich keyword assortment

Finally, don’t limit your product’s visibility by only relying on one primary keyword. Instead, utilize the full 13 tags that Etsy allows per listing and diversify your keywords as much as possible. Why?

Because this ultimately helps you reach users that are searching for different words and phrases. For example, let’s say that you’re selling marble trays. However, you’ve only used keywords like “marble home decor”, and “marble decor” in your title and description. If a consumer is browsing for marble trays specifically, chances are that they won’t ever come across your listing. This is because the Etsy algorithm will consider other listings that are optimized for “marble trays” as more relevant to their search. Therefore, your competitors’ products will appear higher up in search results.

Using varied keywords will help you position your product in different sub-niches and target a wider range of buyers.

The wrap-up

As we make sense of all of the findings from our research, we can conclude that marble home decor isn’t the most remunerative niche to sell in. However, it can certainly be rewarding as long as you make the right strategic choices.

The average prices in the space are significantly higher than in a lot of other Etsy niches. You can therefore enjoy higher profits per sale, making the niche one to keep on your radar.

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