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Etsy is one of the most popular spaces for creative and art-enthusiastic people. So, it’s only natural that products related to creating things with your own hands will sell like hotcakes. After all, the act of creation is pure pleasure in the eyes of artists.

As a Seller, you can take advantage of this opportunity by diversifying your portfolio with a cool and lovable product – MYO (make your own) craft kits.

Let’s explore what these products are, whether this market is worth your interest, and how to join it successfully.

What Are MYO Craft Kits?

MYO – or make your own – craft kits can easily be mistaken for DIY – do it yourself – craft kits. However, there is a slight difference between the two types of products. While DIY kits are packages that include everything necessary to create something on your own, MYO kits contain specific tools, instruments, and materials to help you make something concrete. DIY kits have a rather practical approach, while MYO craft kits are often associated with toys, puzzles, decorations, and fun activities.

For example, you can come across products like embroidery creative MYO kits, watercolor MYO craft kits, lino printing MYO craft kits, and more.

Let’s take a real listing from Etsy and look at what it offers. We came across a particularly high-selling product – the ‘MYO 3D forest diorama – color and create witches forest pop up model’, which has been sold more than 1,600 times. The product comes with three pre-cut parts to color. Once colored, the three pieces are aligned in a specific manner to form a 3D forest diorama. The Seller has provided detailed instructions in the product listing, encouraging Sellers to roll up their sleeves and create this beauty.

This is just one example. MYO craft kits could be extremely diverse and created around different themes.

If you’re thinking of entering the MYO craft kit market on Etsy, the first question you should ask yourself is how popular they are on the platform.

How Popular Are MYO Craft Kits On Etsy?

If you want to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Seller strategy is bulletproof, you must find a product category or niche that is popular and attractive to buyers. Why? Because higher demand means more potential sales in the long-term. It also means that you’re entering an established market. This allows you to gather insights from competitors, see what works well for them, and adapt your strategy to outperform others.

We used Sale Samurai to discover more about the MYO craft kits market on Etsy. When it comes to how popular a specific type of product is, there are several factors to consider.

Listings Volume

First, it’s essential to see how many listings exist on Etsy utilizing product-related keywords. This will tell us how big the market is and how competitive it will be to enter.

The first keyword that we researched was ‘MYO craft kits’ as it is an exact match to the product we’re interested in. Sale Samurai revealed that there are a total of 77 listings on the platform using the keyword. However, we expanded our search to see how many listings used keywords like ‘make your own kit’, ‘myo kit’, and ‘myo’.

  • Make your own kit – 17,563 listings
  • MYO – 945 listings
  • MYO kit – 91 listings

From these results, we can infer that MYO craft kits are not a product with a lot of competition. Popular product categories on Etsy usually have more than 50,000 related listings. In this case, the biggest result was just under 18,000 for ‘make your own kit’.

Search Volume

Second, it’s important to understand consumer search for these keywords. When performing keyword research in Sale Samurai, you’ll notice that you can see how much search volume a word received on a monthly basis. The higher the search volume, the more interested consumers on the platform are in related products.

We used the keywords mentioned above to see how much search volume they receive. Of the three outlined words, only ‘make your own kit’ had a search volume of 113. The other words had no data to show, which is usually a sign that there isn’t enough search for them. However, we also noticed some interesting related keywords that were generating higher search volume. Some examples include ‘make your own tapestry’, ‘make your own candle kit’, ‘make your own stickers’, and others. This could mean that there are still buyers interested in similar products, they’re just searching for them using different, more precise keywords.

As a Seller, you’ll want to keep this in mind when it comes to optimizing your listings.

Sales Volume

Lastly, make sure to have an understanding of how well these products sell. Even if MYO craft kits are popular in terms of listings volume and search volume, if they’re not sold very well, there’s no point in approaching this market. We looked at some of the top performers in the category to see how many sales they scored. We discovered that although there aren’t a lot of listings on Etsy specifically presented as MYO craft kits, the ones that do exist sell like crazy.

For instance, the ‘Make Your Own (MYO) Nautical Cards paper crafting scrapbooking diy craft art instant download digital collage sheet – VDCANA1162’ has been sold a staggering 290,289 times. This is an enormous success for the Seller.

Another example is the ‘Mother’s Day Gift, Moss Wall Art, Make Your Own Moss Art, Preserved Moss Art, Kits For Adults Teens Kids, Activity Box, Mother Day’ listing, which has generated 4,243 sales. On the other hand, the example we used earlier for the ‘MYO 3D forest diorama – color and create witches forest pop up model’ has 1,626 sales, which is not bad by any means.

What does this signal? If you can create an attractive product, optimize the listing well, and gain a competitive edge, you’re in for a win with MYO craft kits.

Factors That Make Best-Selling MYO Craft Kits Successful

So, what makes these top-selling products unique and trendy? Is it the quality of the product or perhaps the way the listing has been optimized? We’d say it’s both, and more.

Let’s look at the ultimate bestseller from the category, the ‘Make Your Own (MYO) Nautical Cards paper crafting scrapbooking diy craft art instant download digital collage sheet – VDCANA1162’. The listing is well-optimized, which can instantly be seen by its title. The title includes trendy keywords like ‘make your own’, ‘MYO’, ‘crafting’, ‘scrapbooking’, ‘diy craft’, ’art’, and others. The product description is extremely detailed, outlines what the package includes, how to use it, and other valuable information.

It’s worth noting that this is a rather untypical type of MYO craft kit as it’s digitally downloadable. This allows the Seller to set a price of $2.84, which is outstanding in terms of customer incentive. The product is designed to target a niche audience of craft lovers and creative minds.

Another example we looked at was the ‘MYO 3D forest diorama – color and create witches forest pop up model’. What stands out in this listing is the theme, which is related to magic and witches. The listing also successfully uses images, showing the products before and after.

How can you use all of this information? Well, you could incorporate it into your own Seller strategy when selling MYO craft kits. This will allow you to quickly outperform competitors and turn your listings into a gold mine.

Seller Strategies To Use To Sell More MYO Craft Kits On Etsy

Based on our research on MYO craft kits, we discovered a few strategies that you can exploit as a Seller. They will help you improve your results and become a successful Seller in the MYO craft kit space.

Optimize Your Listings To The Last Detail

Optimizing your listings is vital for any type of product, whether it’s an MYO craft kit or a handmade t-shirt.

Use as many images and tags as Etsy allows. Currently, Sellers can add up to 10 photos and 13 tags in a single listing. Don’t miss out on this chance. The more images and tags you have, the higher number of buyers you’re likely to reach.

In addition, make sure that your product description isn’t just fluff. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Think about what you’d like to know about this product if you’ve never seen it. Provide instructions on how to use it and answer popular questions.

Don’t Just Focus On Your Main Keyword

As we saw from our product research earlier, sometimes, using your main keyword won’t be enough. In our case, ‘MYO craft kits’ doesn’t perform very well on Etsy. That’s why a lot of Sellers use related tags like ‘make your own kits’, ‘make your own’, and others.

The good news is that you have 13 tags to use in your listing, which is more than enough to diversify. Keywords variety will also make your listing more visible to a wider audience. Ultimately, this increases your chances of higher conversions and more sales.

Set A Competitive Price

If you have experience as a Seller on Etsy, you’ll probably agree that pricing is everything. Research the market well before setting a price and choose a strategy that will suit your level of experience and increase your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

We noticed that the majority of MYO craft kits on Etsy are not priced very high, meaning that you’ll want to make sure you’re not overpricing your product. Too high a price could push potential customers right into the hands of your rivals.

Choose A Trending Theme

Themes and niches are a huge booster when it comes to popularity. Creating an MYO craft kit around a trending theme or an all-time favorite niche is bound to result in increased interest from buyers. The more specific you are with your products, the better chances you have of satisfying a specific need from a specific group of buyers. In other words – guaranteed sales.

In A Nutshell

Wrapping up, MYO craft kits are certainly an interesting product to explore if you’re an Etsy Seller looking for profits. The market is not very saturated, making it easy to enter. Yet, listings generate an impressive sales volume, perhaps due to the fact that competition is not very high.

Finally, remember that none of these insights would have been available without the use of Sale Samurai. Use the software’s powerful tools to your advantage whenever you want to enter a new category or niche on Etsy.

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