Every person is born under an astrological sign. Whether a conversational point or something you truly believe in, zodiac signs are part of every person’s life.

There’s great demand for zodiac and astrology-related handmade products on Etsy and if you’re a seller with an interest in this niche, this post is for you.

Keep reading to find out more about the market characteristics, as well as bestselling practices and even tips on how to surpass the competition.

How big is the market for zodiac-themed handmade items?

In order to determine the market size for the zodiac-themed handmade items on Etsy, we headed over to the marketplace and discovered that there are around 389,969 listings for the search “zodiac”. To further the scope of our research, we also typed in “astrology” and discovered that there are around 309,032additional listings.

Whether we look at “zodiac” or “astrology” as our seed keywords, the niche is certainly not as saturated as many others on Etsy. This makes it worth considering if you have unique, handmade products.

However, our research doesn’t end there. We will now explore listing saturation and search volume for some of the most relevant keyword queries that customers use to find products on Etsy.

Listings saturation and search volume

With the assistance of Sale Samurai, we were able to identify the search volume for various keyword queries related to “zodiac” on Etsy. Notably, there is significantly lower search volume for “astrology” related items.

Here are some of the search volumes we discovered (only displaying results with a minimum of 1,000 searches):

  • zodiac necklaces: search volume – 26,672
  • zodiac: search volume – 26,609
  • zodiac sign: search volume – 26,607
  • zodiac necklace: search volume – 26,592
  • zodiac bracelets: search volume – 3,495
  • zodiac candle: search volume – 3,436
  • zodiac rings: search volume – 3,436
  • zodiac keychain: search volume – 1,089
  • zodiac bracelet: search volume – 1,086
  • zodiac candles: search volume 1,050
  • zodiac charms: search volume – 1,011

From the above data, we can identify some interesting trends. Firstly, zodiac-related jewelry, particularly necklaces, generate the most searches with over 26,000 searches. Bracelets, rings, and charms also receive considerable search queries.

General searches for “zodiac” or “zodiac sign” also generate a significant number of queries, indicating that sellers should include these keywords in their listing titles.


Using Sale Samurai once again, we examined the zodiac-themed keywords that sellers use in their tags. Remember, Etsy allows sellers to allocate 13 tags to help rank their products on search result pages.

Here are some tags with high enough Etsy search volume:

  • crystal: search volume – 26,625
  • zodiac: search volume – 26,609
  • zodiac sign: search volume – 26,607
  • zodiac necklace: search volume – 26,592
  • Aries: search volume – 26,212
  • birthstone necklace: search volume – 3,687
  • astrology gift: search volume – 3,498
  • zodiac gift: search volume – 3,313
  • astrology: search volume – 2,924
  • Aquarius: search volume – 2,721
  • Scorpio: search volume – 2,578
  • Gemini: search volume – 2,232

Based on these results, we can make a few deductions.

Firstly, crystals are strongly associated with this niche, which is why many sellers use this term in their listings to cater to the high search volume and improve rankings.

Overall, zodiac necklaces, with their high search volume, also rank in the top. This confirms that buyers actively search for zodiac-related jewelry, particularly necklaces.

Additionally, there is considerable search volume for various star signs, with Aries generating the highest search volume, followed by Aquarius, Scorpio, and Gemini. Smaller search volume items relate to smaller items such as stickers.

Therefore, sellers are actively producing zodiac-related jewelry, not just necklaces, and there is an active search for these products.


As a final aspect of our discussion in this section, we explored the lowest, highest, and average prices in this niche. The prices are quite competitive and reasonable.

Here’s what Sale Samurai showed us for this category of items:

  • Lowest price: $1.27
  • Highest price: $134.00
  • Average price: $16.45

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

We’ve identified two Etsy starsellers who have priced their items near the average and have done well with their listing optimization process.

Here are the two sellers under the spotlight:

Seller 1

  • Price: $12.61
  • Title: ZODIAC Candle, Crystal Candle, Virgo Candle, Pisces Candle, Taurus Candle, Aquarius Candle, Capricorn Candle, Gemini Candle, Libra Candle
  • Seller: EagleCrystals

Seller 2

  • Price: $16.03
  • Title: Zodiac Birth flowers Constellations Necklace, Dainty Gold Tarot Card Pendant Necklace for Her, Gift for Birthday Christmas, Graduation Gift
  • Seller: Hoiaucraft

Keyword optimization

So, what have these sellers done right to attract an audience?

Let’s start with keywords. Both sellers have used the high-search-volume term “zodiac”. They’ve also added the names of star signs and the word “crystal” to cater to the high-search-volume queries.

They have also incorporated additional related keywords such as “birth flowers,” “constellations,” “tarot card,” and “gift.” By encompassing a broad range of potential searches that Etsy customers may be looking for, they have created crisp and catchy titles.


In terms of pricing, both sellers’ items are slightly above the average of just over $14. However, at the time of preparing this article, both sellers had activated different types of discounts, bringing their prices closer to the average mark.

It’s important to consider pricing around the average, as these two sellers have done, since it’s a proven strategy for generating consistent sales.


Regarding images, only one of the sellers, Eagle Crystals, has maximized their image real estate on Etsy.

The other starseller has opted to use only seven images. Eagle Crystals has also included a catchy video to enhance visibility, generate interest, and potentially drive sales.

Our tip-list for sellers seeking to enter this niche

With all this in mind, there are a couple of best practices that we can extract from these bestsellers. These practices will help your products rank higher and gain more visibility.

  1. Keywords: When it comes to keywords, try not to limit yourself to broad search queries such as “zodiac” or “astrology”. Instead, mention different star signs in your listing title and pepper it with words that describe birth stones, crystals, tarot cards and more, where relevant.
  2. Price: With regard to price, it is worth noting that the average price in this niche is in the region of $14. This should be your ultimate aim with your product. Although you can go a bit higher or lower, aiming for this golden average will help you generate more sales.
  3. Images: Finally, ensure you use the image real estate allocated to you by Etsy to its fullest. This necessarily includes 10 images of your products (including video where possible) while displaying them in a lifestyle or real-life setting to give more “oomph” or emphasis to your listing’s viewings.

Final thoughts

It appears that the most sought-after zodiac-related handmade items on Etsy are necklaces, bracelets, chains, and charms. With this in mind, if you run a shop that can cater to this demand, you’re in luck.

That’s because Etsy offers both buyers and sellers an excellent opportunity to meet each other.

Of course, it will be necessary for you to do your research when entering this niche.

With Sale Samurai, that becomes a breeze. For a monthly subscription of only $9.99 per month, it’s time to give your listing the edge it deserves.


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