best selling items on etsy
11 Best Selling Items On Etsy

Becoming an Etsy Seller in 2022 is without a doubt one of the best ways to start a new side-hustle, explore a passion project, or turn a hobby into a full-time business! Etsy is a huge e-commerce platform with tens

add video to etsy listing
How To Add Videos to Your Etsy Listings

Video is expected to make up most of the internet content in a few years which is also true for e-commerce stores. In fact, having video content on an online shopping platform like Etsy is a great way to create

etsy personalized listing
How to Add Personalization For Your Etsy Listings

There’s just something about seeing your name, favorite quote, or childhood memory on a physical item. That feeling of personalization on a t-shirt you love or a piece of jewelry you cherish is authentic and un-replicable. It’s for those reasons

how to tell if an etsy seller is legit
How To Tell If An Etsy Seller Is Legit?

E-commerce shopping has virtually become second nature to most people especially post 2020. Even small businesses have made it so easy to click and buy amazing products largely thanks to platforms like Etsy that have made it possible for thousands

how to run a sale on etsy
How To Run A Sale On Etsy

Everyone loves a good sale! From eager customers who want to get in on a good deal to business owners looking to bring in some extra revenue, online store sales are just fantastic! Of course, there is a right and

etsy taxes
Etsy And Taxes – The Ultimate Guide

There’s probably no feeling quite like getting that first sale online for a hobby or passion after months of hard work. However, with that feeling comes an immediate realization that you may now have to pay taxes. Thus begins the

etsy full time seller
How to Switch From Part-Time To A Full-Time Operator Of An Etsy Shop?

It’s without a shrivel of doubt every handmaker’s or artist’s dream to make their hobby or passion into a full-time job that pays the bills and then some! However, it’s not that easy. Even with an amazing product that sells

etsy handmade holiday products
Why Aligning Your Handmade Products With Holidays Is A Must On Etsy (And How To Do It)

The last quarter of every year, which signals the start of the holiday season, is one of the most profitable times to be selling on Etsy. With buyers looking for gifts for all the holidays that abound during this period,

etsy face masks
Dissecting The Handmade Face Mask Sector On Etsy: From Peculiarities To Best-Sellers

Soon after Covid-19 broke out, it became apparent to pretty much everyone around the world that face masks would be with us for years to come. But one thing that may not have been as obvious is that handmade face

best etsy tool sale samurai
What Is Sale Samurai And Why It’s Indispensable For Etsy Sellers

The Etsy marketplace is competitive to say the least. With over 60 million products, it can make your head spin to try and figure out what to sell, how to sell it, and how to price it. Luckily, there’s so