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Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrates a man who went down in history promoting equality and peace in a country that was far from it at the time. Celebrating his legacy is about being a proponent for positive change. Today, many people are doing just that and not just on that day, but year-round.

This article is devoted to those people, the ones that make a difference every day. In particular, Etsy sellers.

Etsy sellers are made up of artists who strive to bring something handmade into your life, whether that be a hand sculpted ceramic bowl, or soldered metal earrings.

The majority of Etsy sellers come onto the platform to sell their handmade goods and make a profit, if not a living. However, some go above and beyond to make this world a bit better through social activism, sustainability practices, and inclusivity.

These things can be done in many versatile ways. Using sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, supporting womens’ rights, or taking part in the Indigenous Artisans Collective can all be creative and good ways of making a positive difference in communities far and wide.

Number 1: OneHappyLeaf

Let’s start with a shop that implements sustainability as a staple practice- One Happy Leaf is an eco-friendly shop that sells bamboo products like strawberry-shaped earrings, wooden coasters, and even children’s wall décor. This shop is owned by Anna, an Australian ex-business woman who loves animals- so much so that a portion of the profits go to charities such as Elephant Nature Park, WSPA, and Free the Bears.

Number 2: Aromaology

Aromaology is a Black-owned Etsy shop that sells anything from Eczema balms to Hawaiian Rain soy candles to cedarwood scented beard oil. The packaging is beautiful and the products are even more so.

This shop uses all-natural, cruelty free ingredients and even donates a part of their sales to planting trees in Haiti and Tanzania. Talk about being influential! If you want to up your personal care game and help make an impact on the planet, this is definitely the place to go.

Number 3: M C Designs USA

While sustainability is important and influential, let’s meander over to a shop that is an ally to women and disabled people M C Designs USA is an inspiring and progressive T-shirt shop that advocates for many minority groups using cute and clever designs.

These shirts have designs ranging from rainbow succulents to custom names with ASL hand signs above them. There’s even shirts for moms of Autistic children and emergency nurses! They’ve got a little something for everyone.

Number 4: Candour Royal Tees

Want a cool shirt that highlights the importance of BLM, Indigenous communities, or women’s rights, rights? Come on down to Candour Royal Tees, a t-shirt shop that has cleverly curated shirt designs ranging from floral uteruses to wanderlust mountains to sassy sayings like “Dope Chick With Bougie Behavior”.

This shop has over 900 listings and just over 23,000 reviews averaging 4.8 stars! The quality of the shirts is supreme, and the designs are quite memorable. Overall, this shop has an excellent blend of humor and mindfulness towards all kinds of individuals.

Number 5: Escondido Bracelets

If T-shirts and yard signs aren’t your thing, that is totally fine. You might be a jewelry snob, which, lucky for you, has a gigantic market on Etsy. Check out Escondido Bracelets- both an Etsy shop and a standalone company, this cool store sells surfing bracelets that give back.

This shop has Autism awareness bracelets, Pride bracelets, and so much more. Based in Chattanooga, TN, this store has almost 2,000 sales on Etsy alone, and is a star seller. When you wear their bracelets, know that you are supporting an important cause.

Number 6: Nalgona Positive Shop

Want even more versatility in shopping? Want a shop that supports Indigenous communities and bodies of all sizes and shapes? You got it! Go check out Nalgona Positive Shop, where body positivity and Indigenous pride come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind shop.

Here, you’ll find not only T-shirts, but mugs, magnets, stickers, posters, journals, pins, and even jackets meant for anyone and everyone to enjoy. This shop gets a special shoutout for having products that support those recovering from eating disorders and celebrating their bodies. Yay for being a size two- or eighteen!

Number 7: Fabulously Feminist

Last on our list is Fabulously Feminist, a shop that lives up to its name, to be sure! T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and even more stickers! This cute shop has absolutely stunning designs that oftentimes feature florals and sassy sayings on them.

This shop has a bit of a “witchy” vibe, and primarily focuses on women’s rights, body positivity, and Queer pride among other positive and progressive topics. Lots of the listings on this site are below $30, making it an ideal budget friendly option.

Being an Etsy seller comes with a lot of responsibility, not only because you sell things to real people, but because you also sell them your ideas and perspectives on the world. As a seller, you have the power to make your voice be heard and be an activist for the things you believe in.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. In honor of this amazing individual, let’s come together and drive out hate with love-ly and progressive ideas. Let’s sell things that advocate for peace, love, and acceptance.

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