production for etsy store
A Comprehensive Guide to Outsourcing Production for Your Etsy Store

Etsy’s main appeal for both buyers and sellers is the wealth of unique, handcrafted products created by artisans. It is one of the reasons why they have a strict “no reselling mass-produced items” policy. That said, there are mass-produced items

etsy business
What Every Seller Needs To Know About Etsy To Build Their Business

We all love Etsy for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to use. It has a built-in community of passionate buyers. It helps creators share their creations with the world. For many Etsy sellers, that’s probably all they need to

wedding accessories etsy
Handmade Wedding Apparel And Accessories On Etsy: How Big Is The Niche And Can You Compete?

The most special moment in any couple’s life is their wedding day. The trend for wedding items, however, is slowly moving away from high-street retailers and boutiques to handmade wedding items that have a more bohemian and personalized feel. Just

etsy inventory
How Important Is It To Have A Large And Diverse Inventory On Etsy?

Growing a Seller profile on Etsy is both rewarding and demanding. The basic steps are to choose a niche that you want to tap into, create attractive products, and activate your listings to attract potential buyers. But if you’re looking

etsy pricing
Asking For The Right Price Is Half The Battle: How To Build An Effective Pricing Strategy On Etsy

When it comes to selling on Etsy, one of the most daunting parts of creating your strategy is pricing. Without a doubt, pricing can make or break your performance as a Seller. It can turn your handmade crafts and creative

etsy gardening
Outdoor And Gardening On Etsy: Spotting Niches, Trends And Best-Sellers

There are a ton of Etsy niches that you can tap into as a Seller throughout the summer season. And if you’ve read some of our other articles, you’ll probably have noticed that we put a lot of priority on

optimize etsy listings
How To Optimize Your Etsy Listings Like A Pro (May 2022 Search Algorithm Update)

The number of Sellers on Etsy is skyrocketing. From 4.4 million in 2020 to 7.5 million in 2021, Etsy is becoming ever more competitive. As a result, the platform is looking at new ways to differentiate Sellers from each other,

etsy listing optimizer
Sale Samurai’s Listing Creator: Listing Your Products On Etsy Has Never Been This Easy

What if there was a way for you to list your products on Etsy with a helping hand from a knowing friend? Consider Sale Samurai’s Listing Creator just that. This module was designed to assist you with not only creating

diy kits etsy
How To Join The MYO (Make Your Own) Craft Kits Crazy On Etsy: Seller Strategies And Insights

Etsy is one of the most popular spaces for creative and art-enthusiastic people. So, it’s only natural that products related to creating things with your own hands will sell like hotcakes. After all, the act of creation is pure pleasure

personailzed clothing etsy
Personalized Clothing On Etsy: It is Worth Pursuing?

As a platform for handmade and authentic items, Etsy offers a myriad of product categories. Even if you’ve selected a fecund category, you can always narrow it down to specific niches and audiences. One particularly interesting product category is handmade