Anniversary gifts are thoughtful presents that couples give each other for different milestones in their relationship. Whether it’s a same-sex or heterosexual couple, the amount of diversity on Etsy is astounding.

In fact, there are approximately 2,317,898 listings on the platform with a short search using the keywords “anniversary gifts”. With this in mind, if you’re a seller who wants to enter what seems like an oversaturated market with your special product, this post is for you.

Take a look at the size of the market and bestsellers below.

How big is the market for anniversary gifts?

With over 2.3 million listings on Etsy for the search “anniversary gift”, we thought we’d break down the category a bit further and see what we can determine about the market size. We did this by dividing this category of gifts into male and female.

For “anniversary gifts for him”, the total listings count on Etsy is 387,359 and “anniversary listings for her” gives us a total of 861,281 listings.

But despite such contrasting figures with regard to genders, what type of search volume are we seeing? We tried to identify this with the help of Sale Samurai.

Here’s what we found.

Listings saturation and search volume

We discovered quite an extensive list of keyword searches for anniversary-related gifts on Sale Samurai, with quite a high search volume. However, this search volume generally depends on the year of the anniversary.

For example, an eighth-year anniversary yields just over 26,000 searches whereas a search for a 65th anniversary gift yields just over 1,000 searches.

Therefore, it makes sense that the higher the number of the anniversary, the lower the search volume because the rarer it is for people to be married or together for a period of 65 years.

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the most common keywords and their related search volume on Etsy below:

Numerical anniversary category:

  • 8th anniversary: search volume – 26,669
  • 60th anniversary: search volume – 3,565
  • 1yr anniversary: search volume – 3,563
  • 3rd anniversary: search volume – 3,561
  • 11th anniversary: search volume – 3,560
  • 15th anniversary: search volume – 3,560
  • 12th anniversary: search volume – 3,554
  • 45th anniversary: search volume – 3,554
  • 61st anniversary: search volume – 1,090
  • 33rd anniversary: search volume – 1,088
  • 20th anniversary: search volume – 1,088
  • 31st anniversary; search volume – 1,087
  • 27th anniversary: search volume – 1,087
  • 42nd anniversary: search volume – 1,086

Anniversary gifts category:

  • anniversary gif: search volume – 26,640
  • anniversary gifts: search volume – 26,640
  • anniversary gift: search volume – 26,621
  • anniversaries gifts: search volume – 26,620
  • -anniversary gifts: search volume – 26,594
  • anniversary: search volume – 26,587
  • anniversary boyfrien: search volume – 26,162
  • anniversaries: search volume – 26,138
  • anniversaries gift: search volume – 26,138

Types of anniversary gifts and gifts for him or for her:

  • anniversary bands: search volume 3,691
  • anniversary for him: search volume – 3,688
  • anniversary for her: search volume – 3,687
  • anniversary gift for: search volume – 3,685
  • anniversary card: search volume – 3,554
  • husbands anniversary: search volume – 1,171
  • copper anniversaries: search volume – 1,151
  • anniversary couples: search volume – 1,129
  • anniversary couple: search volume – 1,128
  • paper anniversary: search volume – 1,126
  • anniversary rings: search volume – 1,126

From these extensive lists, we can identify a couple of trends that emerge. In terms of the numerical anniversary category, which is the most detailed, we see that the higher the number of the anniversary, the lower the search volume. This ties in with our earlier observation that these anniversaries are rarer.

In terms of general anniversary gifts, we see a very high search volume of over 26,000 searches for different variations of the search query, which means it must be used in your listing title to ensure that you succeed with your sales.

Finally, there is very little difference between “for him” and “for her” anniversary gifts in terms of search volume. However, based on our observations on Etsy, it appears that there are more gifts aimed at her as opposed to those aimed at him. This means the marketplace is oversaturated with female anniversary gifts even though the search volume indicates a relatively similar number of searches for both genders.


As part of our research process, we also explored what tags sellers are using to get higher rankings for the general anniversary gift search query. As a brief reminder, Etsy allows sellers up to 13 tags which help their rankings. These tags should be an accurate description of the item being sold and it should contain as many related keywords as possible to ensure the Etsy algorithm recognizes and classifies your product high up on the sales page. Here are a few of the most common and high search volume keywords that we discovered with the help of Sale Samurai:

  • anniversary gifts: search volume – 26,640
  • anniversary gift: search volume – 26,621
  • anniversary: search volume – 26,587
  • 5th anniversary: search volume – 26,166
  • 10 year anniversary: search volume – 26,157
  • 1 year anniversary: search volume – 26,148
  • 6th anniversary gift: search volume – 3,694
  • 3rd anniversary card: search volume – 3,693
  • 4th anniversary gift: search volume – 3,687
  • 2 year anniversary: search volume – 3,632

From this non-exhaustive list of tags, we see that the broader anniversary-related search queries get a high search volume whereas the numerical anniversaries, which are highly specific, get a lower search volume in the region of 3,000 searches.


With the help of Sale Samurai, we were also able to determine what the lowest, highest, and average price is for anniversary gifts in general. This is what results the platform yielded:

  • Lowest price: $1.99
  • Highest price: $312.65
  • Average price: $56.68

Even though the highest price is quite pricey indeed at nearly $400, the average price of most anniversary gifts is in the region just short of $57.

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

We identified two Etsy sellers who appear to be following Etsy’s recipe for success in terms of optimizing their listings.

Here are the two that we discovered:

Seller 1

etsy listing

  • Price: $26.64
  • Title: Gift for Girlfriend from Boyfriend, Personalized Girlfriend Gift, Birthday Gift for Women, Anniversary Gift for Her, Sentimental Gifts
  • Seller: MagicWoOod

Seller 2

etsy listing

  • Price: $29.88
  • Title: Our First Date Gift – Where It All Began, Couple Map, Gift for Her, Personalized Gift Couple Gift, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her
  • Seller: TheLastMinuteGiftCo

Keyword optimization

Interestingly enough, seller one has definitely used the keywords “anniversary gift for her” to cash in on this niche, whereas seller two has not included this keyword in at all.

Nevertheless, the reference to “couples” and “gift for her” as well as “gift for him” capture a wide search query so both sellers are quite successful in their efforts.


Although the two items described above are both on sale at the time of writing this article, their prices are ideal because they hover very close to the average in this niche.

This is an effective strategy that does not alienate buyers with excessively high prices and also one which does not signal that the product is of poor quality because it is cheap.


In addition to the above strategies, we also see that both sellers have incorporated short videos in their image reel, meaning that they’re much more likely to capture their audience’s attention this way.

Furthermore, not only are all 10 image spaces used up by these two sellers, they also make sure to provide as much details and information about their products as possible through the use of descriptions and different color variations that are available.

Our tip-list for sellers seeking to enter this niche

Extracting the key insights from the two bestsellers mentioned above, we’re able to offer the following short list of recommendations:

  1. Keywords: when it comes to keywords, using high-search-volume ones is key. This necessarily means including keywords such as “anniversary”, “couples”, “for him” or “for her”, and possibly numerically indicating the anniversary number.
  2. Prices: the average prices in this niche go for around $24. Although the quality of your product will play a huge role in your asking price, attempting to not overcharge your customers with gifts that are too expensive is the golden balance between making sales and losing them.
  3. Images: use your image spaces optimally. This means using up all 10 spaces that Etsy allocates for images and be sure to, if you can, include video and as much details about your product in the image spaces as possible. Whether it’s the question of different colors or sizes, make sure to inform your customers about all their options. This will improve your chances of converting a visit into a sale.

Final thoughts

Although the anniversary gift niche on Etsy is huge, there’s great potential for entering it. Crucially, your product must be unique, accurately priced and well optimized to ensure you rank and earn those crucial sales.

Of course, your task in this regard will be much more difficult without the use of Sale Samurai. That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend it. At a monthly subscription of a mere $9.99, it’s your ticket to greater rankings and more sales.

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