So, you’re into vegan things? Here are the most popular vegan niches to explore as a seller on Etsy

The demand for vegan products has skyrocketed as the global movement towards environmental consciousness continues to grow.

Etsy, being a popular marketplace, is an ideal platform to showcase your vegan wares. But is there a market for them, and how can you stand out amidst the competition?

We will delve into these questions in more detail below.

How big is the market for vegan products?

A quick search on Etsy using the keyword “vegan” reveals 629,845 listings. However, upon further exploration, we find numerous other vegan product categories, including:

  • Vegan gift: 173,140 listings
  • Vegan leather: 72,841 listings
  • Vegan shirt: 28,760 listings
  • Vegan soap: 25,339 listings
  • Vegan sticker: 6,041 listings


In total, there are over 800,000 listings on Etsy related to vegan products, indicating a seemingly saturated market. But is it possible for you to make progress within this niche? Below, we examine the demand and supply aspects to provide you with a quick and easy breakdown.

Listings saturation and search volume

To gauge the demand for vegan products on the Etsy platform, we used Sale Samurai to determine the search volume for various vegan-related queries. Here are the results for some search queries with search volumes over 1,000:

  • “Vegan v”: search volume – 2,580
  • “Vegans”: search volume – 2,196
  • “Vegan”: search volume – 1,862
  • “Vegan chocolates”: search volume – 1,087
  • “Vegan valentine”: search volume – 1,068
  • “Vegan leather”: search volume – 1,013
  • “Vegan wallets”: search volume – 1,012
  • “Vegan cookies”: search volume – 1,012
  • “Vegan sticker”: search volume – 1,011

Although we focused on queries with search volumes over 1,000, the variety of vegan products available is astounding. Other vegan items with search volumes below 1,000 include t-shirts, purses, food, bags, stickers, gifts, soaps, and even makeup such as eyeliner.


Regarding the supply side on Etsy, we also investigated the tags sellers are using to attract an audience for their vegan products. We have categorized the various sub-categories of vegan-related products as follows:

Seed keyword: vegan

  • “Vegan”: search volume – 1,862
  • “Vegan friendly”: search volume – 40

Environmentally-friendly related keywords

  • “Eco friendly”: search volume – 3,377
  • “Organic”: search volume – 590
  • “Dairy free”: search volume – 304
  • “Cruelty free”: search volume – 86
  • “Plantbased”: search volume – 69
  • “Plant based”: search volume – 47

Vegan food products

  • “Vegan cookies”: search volume – 1,012
  • “Vegan food”: search volume – 876
  • “Vegan chocolate”: search volume – 65
  • “Vegan brownies”: search volume – 60
  • “Vegan dessert”: search volume – 53
  • “Vegan snacks”: search volume – 52
  • “Vegan sweets”: search volume – 51
  • “Vegan treats”: search volume – 51

Other vegan items

  • “Vegan gifts”: search volume – 926
  • “Vegan holiday gift”: search volume – 69
  • “Vegan candle”: search volume – 52
  • “Vegan hamper”: search volume – 34
  • “Vegan box”: search volume – 33

Based on the above, we can conclude that although the combined search volume for vegan and vegan-friendly products may not match the number of listings on Etsy, there is a higher search volume for environmentally-friendly keywords. Moreover, it seems that most sellers choose to target the food category, offering a variety of vegan food products. This is followed by other vegan items often presented as gifts. In summary, eco-friendly products, vegan foods, and vegan gift items have higher search volumes.


The highest price in the vegan category is relatively low compared to other items on Etsy, resulting in an average price of around $15. This information was extracted from Sale Samurai in a matter of seconds. Here are the pricing details for vegan products:

  • Lowest price: $1.38
  • Highest price: $62.38
  • Average price: $15.62

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

We have identified two best-selling authors who have successfully entered the vegan niche, and we have extracted their best practices for you to learn from. Here’s what we found:

Seller 1

  • Seller: ChocolateChipped
  • Title: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gluten Free Baked Goods Vegan Cookie Gift, Gluten Free Cookie Dairy Free
  • Price: $15.00

Seller 2

  • Seller: Posticles
  • Title: Sorry For Being A Prick, Apology iced biscuits, sugar cookies, vegan
  • Price: $16.65

Keyword optimization

Both sellers excel in using the keyword “vegan” in their titles. Additionally, since they target the food niche, they indicate the type of food product they offer in their titles. Seller 1 goes the extra mile by including related keywords to describe the product, using phrases like “vegan cookie gift” to cater to the popular search term for vegan gifts.


In addition to accurate keyword usage in their titles, both sellers price their products around the $15 mark, contributing to their bestseller status. Their pricing strategy, combined with keyword usage and images (discussed below), has proven effective.


Regarding images, seller 1 maximizes the allocated image space on Etsy, while seller 2 chooses not to use all 10 image spaces. However, seller 2 compensates by creating a short video. As we know, videos have a captivating effect and can effectively grab an audience’s attention. Both strategies are highly effective.

Our tip-list for sellers seeking to enter this niche

As we conclude this article, we want to share a couple of important recommendations for those venturing into the vegan niche on Etsy. Here’s our list of suggestions:

  1. Keywords: It’s crucial to incorporate high-search-volume keywords in your listing titles. Make sure to include the word “vegan” somewhere in your title while describing your product. Whether it’s related to food, a gift, or something else, adding “vegan” is essential. Supplement this with other dietary-related terms like “gluten-free,” “dairy-free,” or “eco-friendly.”
  2. Pricing: The pricing of your product plays a vital role in your sales strategy. Consider the cost of production, including ingredients and time, and try to align it with the average price of around $15.
  3. Images: As a best practice, utilize the maximum number of image spaces allocated on Etsy, which is 10. However, if you choose not to do so, consider supplementing your listing with a video at the very least. Videos have a remarkable ability to capture attention and bring your product to life. Exploring this strategy can be worthwhile.

Final thoughts

If you want to succeed in the vegan niche, thorough research is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Sale Samurai is a valuable tool that can assist you in this process.

For only $9.99 per month, you can elevate your Etsy side-gig to a new level with speed, ease, and convenience.

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