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In the colorful world of Etsy, there’s a hidden treasure trove – knitting tools and supplies. As a featured category that beckons artisans and DIY enthusiasts with its captivating offerings, knitting craft supplies are a lucrative market to tap into as a seller.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or a curious novice, this is the gateway to money-making opportunities. But to reach the mountain top, you’ll need valuable insights from the niche.

In the following sections, we explore the knitting tools segment in detail and offer data that will help you shape the perfect seller strategy.

An overview of the knitting supplies market on Etsy

When it comes to knitting supplies, some of the main components most people think of are needles and yarn. But in reality, there are a vast range of tools and instruments that knitting enthusiasts rely on when producing their creations.

For sellers, this creates numerous possibilities for portfolio diversification and sales maximization.

Our research into the knitting tools space reveals that the following components dominate the market:

  • Stitch markers
  • Knitting scissors
  • Knitting needles
  • Crochet hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Stitch holders
  • Yarn
  • Yarn bobbins
  • Knitting needles cases
  • Knitting kit

And while all of these products are available on Etsy, some perform better than others.

Let’s dig deeper to uncover the sub-niches that will help you stand out from the rest, attract more shoppers, and maximize your profits.

What is the largest sub-niche in the knitting supplies market?

To determine the size of individual segments within the knitting supplies market it’s essential to focus on two components – search volumes and competition.

Keyword-related search volumes

Examining the different types of knitting supplies on Etsy, we discovered that yarn stands out with the highest search volumes.

The keyword “yarn” generates around 26,210 monthly search volume on the platform, which outperforms all other niche-related keywords by a lot. However, browsing on the marketplace, we noticed that this word is often used for knitted products made from yarn. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily represent a piece of the knitting supplies niche.

We narrowed down our research to examine the search volume of “knitting yarn”. Our findings reveal that only 93 people search for this phrase on a monthly basis.

For this reason, we’ve allocated the top position in terms of search volume to stitch markers. Around 1,032 users browse for stitch markers on Etsy every month, creating a substantial demand that sellers can fulfil with high-quality products and competitive pricing.


But how do things look from the perspective of competition?

Unsurprisingly, two of the keywords that are most competitive are “knitting supplies” (with a competition level of 764,267) and “yarn” (with a competition level of 544,544).

This is mostly due to the fact that both words are broad and could be utilized for a range of diverse listings. For example, knitting supplies could include anything from scissors to needles. Similarly, yarn may be used to describe a pre-made product, as we mentioned above.

This only shows that striving to rank for broad keywords is extremely difficult and in most cases, not very rewarding.

Instead, we recommend choosing a specific sub-niche to enter. For instance, the most searched-for phrase (stitch marker) only has a competition level of 46,130. While this is still a word that can be described as difficult, it’s much easier to rank for than “knitting supplies”.

Even better, you could take advantage of low-competition words, like “row counter”, which have a competition level of 2,356. Here, the search volume is significantly lower (928), yet still large enough to guarantee sales.

Overall, the ideal approach is to discover words that buyers often search for, but also ones with low competition. Based on this discovery, choose the products that you’ll include in your portfolio.

Pricing strategies in the knitting supplies segment

Pricing is another vital factor to consider when examining a niche on Etsy. Having an understanding of how other craft creators are positioning their listings will help you understand the limitations of your own prices.

Although there are no written rules preventing you from asking for more for similar products, this approach will likely destroy your competitiveness.

From all of the explored sub-niches, we identified knitting kits as the product type with the highest average price ($45. 47). While this may lure some sellers into choosing this option as one with high earning potential, it’s worth taking into account additional factors.

The expenses of producing a whole knitting kit are likely to be bigger than selling other products, like knitting needles or measuring tape for knitting creations. In addition, the competition level for the keyword “knitting kits” is very high (265,003), meaning that achieving visibility will be time-consuming.

This is why we suggest two alternatives – knitting needle cases and knitting needles.

While knitting needle cases have an average price of $38, knitting needles are usually priced around $30. Both sub-niches stand out with much lower competition than knitting kits (4,737 and 32,136), making them easier to rank for.

Analyzing some of the bestsellers

A quick browse through Etsy uncovered a multitude of shops that offer knitting supplies. While most are diverse and feature different kinds of tools, some specialize in a single product type and have a much narrower target audience.

One of the successful shops that we identified is CollieCraft1 – a place for beautiful wool and the best in accessories. With a total of 73 listings, the shop has secured more than 20,000 sales and a 5-star rating.

This is one of the shops that offer a range of different products, including knitting needles, knitting bags, and other accessories. The diversity in the product portfolio has enabled the seller to grab the attention of a broader audience, maximizing traffic and ultimately – sales.

The lowest prices in the shop start from $2.50 for crochet hooks and reach $132 for a full knitting needle kit. The price strategy of the seller also contributes to their popularity among different target groups.

Tips for penetrating the market

Putting all of these findings into perspective, we offer the following tips and tricks for successfully entering the knitting supplies space:

  • Choose a trending and profitable sub-niche to enter – the data from Sale Samurai unveiled that sub-niches are much easier to compete in. They’re more profitable and most important, more attractive to shoppers. Rather than selling knitting supplies, focus on individual product types, such as knitting needles.
  • Carefully select your product type based on keyword research – we identified that different niche-related keywords come with individual search volumes and competition levels. Take these insights into consideration when tapping into a new market. Opt for products whose keywords are low-competition, yet highly searched for.
  • Diversify your portfolio – the richer your product diversification, the broader the audience you can intrigue with your crafting supplies. Don’t simply cover a single product type but instead, offer plenty of options to your shoppers.

Wrapping up

After an extensive look into the knitting supplies niche on Etsy, we can confirm that the space is worth exploring from a seller perspective.

Regardless of the sub-niche you decide to embrace, make sure to use Sale Samurai throughout your journey. The tool will help you compare data, stay informed, and make data-driven decisions that will equip you for success.

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