For those with a passion for creating delectable treats in their kitchen, Etsy emerges as the ultimate platform for procuring top-notch baking supplies. This bustling marketplace boasts a staggering 386,671 items in the baking supplies category, as evidenced by a simple search using the term “baking supplies.”

While this figure might initially seem imposing, it’s worth delving deeper into the market to gauge its actual potential.

So, without further ado, let us plunge headlong into the oven.

How big is the market for baking tools and supplies?

In addition to the 386,000 products available under the “baking supplies” niche, there are other viable ways to explore related items on the platform. These include searching for “baking supplies kit,” which yields 10,504 listings; “baking supplies gift,” boasting 183,083 listings; and simply “baking,” which brings up a staggering 863,010 listings.

Collectively, these figures surpass the half-million mark, implying a substantial market presence. However, it’s crucial to ascertain whether there is sufficient search volume to justify venturing into this particular niche.

Listings saturation and search volume

To understand the demand side of baking supplies on Etsy, we analyzed various search terms associated with the primary keyword and their respective search volumes.

With the invaluable assistance of Sale Samurai, the following findings came to light:

  • “Baking is”: search volume – 2,920
  • “Baking supplies”: search volume – 1,088
  • “Baking kitchen”: search volume – 1,049
  • “Baking is svg”: search volume – 997
  • “Wake and bake”: search volume – 996
  • “Baking gifts”: search volume – 976
  • “Baking gift”: search volume – 942
  • “Baked goods”: search volume – 927
  • “Baking svg”: search volume – 877

It’s worth noting that we focused only on terms with a search volume exceeding 800. Additionally, searches for actual baked goods were excluded since this article primarily centers on baking tools and supplies.

Examining the results, we observe a considerable search volume for “baking supplies” at 1,088, followed by “baking gifts” with a combined search volume exceeding 1,800. Furthermore, there is a substantial search volume for baking-related SVG products, also around the 1,800 mark.


Naturally, it’s essential to explore how Etsy sellers engage their target audience. One effective way is through the strategic utilization of tags to enhance listing visibility. Therefore, we examined some of the most relevant tags associated with the baking tools and supplies category, uncovering the following related keywords and their respective search volumes:

  • “Mold”: search volume – 26,589
  • “Kitchen decor”: search volume – 3,379
  • “Cake topper”: search volume – 3,255
  • “Kitchen”: search volume – 2,575
  • “Baking supplies”: search volume – 1,088
  • “Cupcake toppers”: search volume – 1,087
  • “Chocolate mold”: search volume – 1,049
  • “Cookie cutters”: search volume – 1,031
  • “Cookie cutter”: search volume – 1,013

These findings indicate that searches for “molds” garner the highest search volume, while the remaining tags generally hover around the 1,000 mark. Although these figures might appear relatively low, it’s crucial to bear in mind that baking supplies encompass a broad and diverse range of products.

In essence, you can list any baking item on Etsy within this category; it’s simply a matter of using the appropriate tags to optimize your listing. Incorporating these tags into your listing should prove highly beneficial. For more insights on best practices, please refer to the following section.


In addition to employing relevant tags, prudent pricing—aligning with the average or surrounding price points—constitutes a best practice. With the aid of Sale Samurai, we swiftly determined the lowest, highest, and average prices within this niche. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Lowest price: $0.50
  • Highest price: $41.00
  • Average price: $8.67

What sets successful merchants apart?

Let’s now take a closer look at what some of the best-selling merchants are doing right.

Seller 1

  • Seller: Revitalshop
  • Title: Casserole dish Cake dish Baking dish Quiche dish Oven dish Turquoise Blue Fish
  • Price: $15.87

Seller 2

  • Seller: FavesCraft
  • Title: Swirly Bake 50 Piece Cake Decorating Set with Storage Box Reusable Silicone pipping bag Silicone cupcake mould couplers and nozzles
  • Price: $11.91

Keyword optimization

Notably, neither Seller 1 nor Seller 2 employs the term “baking supplies” in their product titles. Instead, their titles succinctly describe the products in under 140 characters, allowing the products to speak for themselves accurately.


Both sellers have closely aligned their prices with the average, around $13. This pricing strategy proves successful, although it’s important to factor in the product’s quality, production effort, quantity, labor costs, and material expenses when determining the final price.


Seller 1 utilizes nearly all 10 image slots, presenting their product from various angles in nine different photos. Conversely, Seller 2 opts for six photos that not only showcase the product (cupcake nozzles) but also exhibit the final result with exquisitely decorated cupcakes. Both approaches prove effective, and you should consider the nature of your product to optimize its visual appeal for potential buyers.

Our tip-list for sellers seeking to enter this niche

And now, as promised, here is our tip-list for sellers who would like to enter this niche.

  1. Keywords: While high-search-volume keywords are typically recommended, in this case, it’s crucial to use keywords that accurately describe your products. The aforementioned best-selling sellers wisely chose not to include “baking supplies” in their titles but instead focused on precise descriptions of their products and the benefits buyers would derive from purchasing them.
  2. Price: The average price in this category slightly exceeds $13, which is precisely what these successful sellers have implemented. This pricing strategy proves effective. However, remember to consider the product’s quality, production time, labor costs, material expenses, and other relevant factors when determining the final price. the costs of the materials) should be factored into your final price.
  3. Images: Turning our attention to images, not all sellers utilize the maximum allotment of 10 slots—and that’s perfectly acceptable. Optimal usage of image space depends on the product type. Sometimes, showcasing your product’s practical applications or presenting the final outcome in a few images suffices. Alternatively, if your product warrants it, capturing multiple angles might require utilizing all 10 image slots. Tailor your approach to ensure visual optimization for prospective buyers.

Final thoughts

The intriguing aspect of the baking supplies niche on Etsy is that few best-selling sellers employ the term “baking supplies” in their product titles. This implies the necessity of employing other high-search-volume keywords to capture the attention of potential buyers. Incorporating these keywords into both your title and tags can significantly impact your search rankings.

To achieve this, Sale Samurai emerges as an invaluable tool.

Priced at a reasonable $9.99 per month, it serves as the ideal resource to elevate your Etsy side-gig into a thriving and successful endeavor.


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