Whether you’re a hand-crafter, a wood-worker, blacksmith or someone who trades in digital downloads, you’ve found a successful home at Etsy. And if your sales trends are tracking with the trajectory of mot Etsy sellers, combined with the financial forecasts for the year (not to jinx anything, but the Chicken Littles of the financial world seem to have softened their clucking), then there are a lot of customers waiting to see what they can buy from you next.

Etsy recently released a report of trends they predict based on year-over-year sales and it should shine a light on opportunities ahead.

Product categories on Etsy are as numerous as Etsy sellers themselves, so it’s possible that many of those described below will apply directly to you. However, as an Etsy seller, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit help see new opportunity where others can’t – just because you don’t do your own laser-etching doesn’t mean you can’t find some inspiration for personalizing your own work.

Minimalist Berry Color Artwork Modern Print Thin Black Lines Color Block Rich Texture Art Print Trendy Colors 2024 image 1


Last year, “Barbie” ruled pop culture, right down to Etsy selecting pink as the color of 2023. Maturing the base color into a richer, more mature blend of reds and blues, berry is a sophisticated hue that will enhance everything from apparel to home décor. It’s not a kid’s color, but it’s also not dramatic or overpowering – it’s another sign that a generation is “adulting”.

Demim Blue Wall Art, Denim Prints, Set of 2 Prints, Blue Abstract Art, Abstract Paintings, Living Room Art, Earth Tone Art, Printable Art image 1


Everything old is new again, and the tough-as-nails textile of 19th century cowhands and ‘70s disco divas has hustled its way back into our lives. But this time, it’s not just on our butts or over our motorcycle jackets but in our homes. Etsy predicts a surge in denim-themed home accessories, from custom wall art to denim-upholstered furniture. Think outside the blues, however – denim is a versatile and long-lasting material that can be dyed in any color; it’s durability and unique texture is what appeals this year.

Geometric Wood Art Coastal Dream image 1


The gallery wall – the eclectic assembly of framed pieces that have a commonality that is either obvious to the viewer or known only to the collector – is less appealing than it used to be to the décor-aware (perhaps it was from all the dusting?). In its place is the Big Piece, the statement work that expresses who you are in one bold visual versus numerous puzzle pieces scattered on the wall. Large tapestries, wallpaper with strong patterns, unique framing that says as much about you as the item being framed. The giant Bantha head on a plaque, the Viking shield.

Chestnut Bath Roll Holder Tic Tac Toe Blue Pine Toilet Paper Display Bath Room Decor Bath Room Organization image 1


As we get older, we spend a lot more time in the bathroom. And this doesn’t stop when we are visiting or have visitors. Bathrooms are becoming less functional spaces and more personalized sanctuaries. Whether you’re entertaining guests or hiding from them, the bathroom is both an expression of yourself to others or a second office, library or panic room. Think unique color schemes in décor, punchy art or unique/vintage fixtures. This is no singular occurrence, there is a trend toward romanticizing our living spaces, most likely borne out of the cabin fever of the pandemic years.

Acrylic Dry Erase Weekly Meal Planner Kitchen Meal Planner Sign Clear Acrylic Weekly Meal Prep Kitchen Menu Board image 1


Etsy reported an 11% year-over-year in searches for meal prep. As our lives return to their pre-pandemic levels of busy – or perhaps even busier now that our jobs have learned that we can be reached anytime, anywhere – planning our time becomes more important because we know how precious and scarce this resource is. So, just as Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein both had scores of the same outfit in their closet to avoid wasting time thinking about what to wear, we realize that eating healthy requires thought, careful preparation, and not dashing off for last-minute fast food around the corner. Think items that assist in storing and planning meals, from clever containers and stylish lunchbags to meal planners that don’t look like the ratty recipe collector your mom had next to the microwave.

Custom Pet Pillow Personalized Pillow Pet Memorial Gift Custom shaped pillow Dog Pillow Cat Pillow Pet Lover Gift image 1


2023 saw an 18% YoY increase in searches for custom dog gifts. Your reliable Rottweiler may not read, but he will certainly look regal in a hand-crafted dog sweater. Granted, most of the items that come up in the search are more for the dog’s owner – er, parent, such as bedding with an illustration of the pet, coffee mugs emblazoned with your mutt’s mug or even elaborate plush pillows that look so much like the subject that the neighbor’s dog will try to…well, you know.

14k Handcuff Earrings, Handcuff Post Earrings image 1


An astounding 106% YoY increase in searches for gold jewelry reinforces the notion that this precious metal is everything that the most famous James Bond villain fetishized over. It is valuable, malleable, easy to work with for jewelers of almost any level. It can be fashioned into charms, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and complements practically any wardrobe. It also increases in value during turbulent times as it is still the most stable form of real currency on the planet, which means it’s only going to go up, if you believe the headlines. So, whether you’re a humble metallurgist looking to get creative or a criminal mastermind looking for any enterprise that will increase your stock, gold is always a safe bet.

*Any excuse for a The Good The Bad And The Ugly reference – you probably heard it first on the Modelo commercials or on one of your old Metallica albums.

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Again, probably a reflection of the pandemic, with parents cooped up in a house with children whose growing minds need to be occupied, Etsy saw a 250% YoY increase in searches for kid crafts. This is ripe for a wide variety of opportunities to get creative. You can create elaborate DIY kits that will keep the kids’ fingers busy long after their parents have run out of rosé or simple downloadable coloring and activity sheets. Despite the abundance of digital and streaming media, children’s brains are still as active and curious as ever and will simply not be numbed by bright screens (no matter how hard we tried on those long road trips). They crave interactive stimulation, and their hands automatically reach for the tactile experience. Fertile imaginations are fertile ground for your next opportunity.

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