Among other things, I work with Image Ten, the original production company for the classic 1968 horror film that created the “zombie” genre, Night of the Living Dead.

After half a century of watching their potential earnings fly out the window after the original distributor accidentally (?) surrendered the film to the public domain, they have clawed back legal rights to prints of the film and, importantly, merchandise. This allows established merchandise producers to license the film’s famous imagery for all kinds of product categories.

Not all categories have been claimed, and not all of them are exclusive. So, in the meantime, we created an Official Store that features dozens of products with original designs. And it didn’t cost us a penny to produce.

How? We use Print-On-Demand (POD) suppliers, such as Printify, Gooten and others.

"Karen Cooper" NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD Pillow "Johnny" NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Essential 11oz. mug "Johnny" NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Essential 11oz. mug

POD is a great way for Etsy shopkeepers to stock their stores without having to pay of or carry inventory. And gone are the days of poor quality iron-ons and limited options – direct-to-garment printing and substrate sublimation allow you to to rely only on your imagination to create an entire store with a variety of unique, customized products.

To give you an idea of just how broad your options are, we’re going to look at 20 of the best products to sell on Etsy using POD suppliers and highlight how Sale Samurai’s tools can help optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales.

Where to Find the Best-Selling Products?

Let’s say you have a great idea for a visual that would work on more than a t-shirt. Here, the challenge doesn’t lie in your limitations, but in choosing the products to start with. When searching for the best products to sell on Etsy, you have several resources at your disposal:

  • Etsy’s Filter: Utilize the “Top customer reviews” filter to discover products that are highly appreciated by buyers.
  • Etsy’s Search Bar: Use Etsy’s search suggestions to identify trending searches and popular items.
  • Sale Samurai: Instead of relying on generic SEO tools, make use of the specialized tools offered by Sale Samurai to analyze popular keywords and optimize your product listings effectively.

With POD suppliers like our favorite, Printify, simply signing up for a free account grants access to over 850 customizable products. Here are some top items to consider for your Etsy store.

15 Best Things to Sell on Etsy

  1. Bags
    • Bags are practical and fashionable, making them a perennial favorite. Printify offers a variety of customizable options, including weekender bags, drawstring bags, and duffel bags. You can offer customers more options to show your brand versus the simple tote bag.

Duffel Bag - Main Image Outdoor Drawstring Bag - Main Image Weekender Tote Bag - Main Image

2. Fanny Packs

    • Ideal for travelers and festival-goers (which still amazes me, as I still equate them with old men wearing newsboy caps and Members-Only jackets), fanny packs blend fashion and function. Customize them to cater to your audience’s tastes and needs.

3. Stickers

      • Stickers are small but mighty sellers. With options like die-cut, kiss-cut, and vinyl sticker sheets, you can cater to various interests and causes. And you can also test out he popularity of your ideas before committing to hundreds or thousands of them.

4. Poly Scarves

    • Light and elegant, poly scarves are perfect accessories that can be customized for any fashion-conscious customer. In fact, a recently revived trend is the scarf tied to a handbag.

5. Mugs

    • A staple in any kitchen, custom mugs are versatile and always in demand. Once limited to a small area on a white 11 oz cup, you can now create latte mugs, classic mugs, and color-changing mugs.

6. Journals, Notebooks and Stationery

    • With the rise in self-reflection and personal development, personalized journals and notebooks are excellent products to offer and saves you thousands in printing and binding costs.

Spiral Bound Journal - Main Image Journal - Ruled Line - Main Image Note Cube - Main Image

7. Greeting Cards

    • Personalized greeting cards can resonate more than generic store-bought options. Use trends, memes, and popular culture to create unique designs.

8. Clutch Bags

    • Trending in the fashion world, clutch bags offer limitless design possibilities, making them a stylish addition to any store.

9. Pin Buttons

    • Pin buttons are affordable, customizable, and perfect for making statements or supporting causes. Like stickers, you can test out the viability of a design before committing to a caseload that may sit around forever.

10. Canvasses

    • Custom canvasses are essential for home décor. Offer options like fine-print canvas gallery wraps and eco-friendly wood canvases. Your work of art can truly be seen as a work of art.

11. Socks

    • Everyone needs socks, and custom designs can turn them into fun, unique items that customers love to buy. Long gone are the days when opening a pack of socks under the Christmas tree was considered the booby prize – they’re another way to make a personal statement.

Sublimation Socks - Main Image Cushioned Crew Socks - Main Image Mid-length Socks - Main Image

12. Phone Cases

    • With the ever-growing demand for phone accessories, custom phone cases are a must-have. Offer biodegradable, impact-resistant, and clear options. Printify’s cases cover the largest variety of models, and their design template prevents the need to redesign for each one.

13. Baby Clothing

    • Personalized baby clothing is always in demand, making it a profitable addition to any Etsy store.

14. Water Bottles

    • Custom water bottles are practical, eco-friendly, and a great way to appeal to health-conscious customers.

15. Custom Backpacks

    • Personalized backpacks are useful year-round and appeal to a wide audience, from schoolkids to urban warriors. All-over print gives you a huge canvas to decorate on and the customer makes a bold statement.

Backpack - Main Image


Choosing the right products to sell on Etsy is crucial for your success. By leveraging print-on-demand services like Printify, Gooten, or others, you can offer a wide variety of unique, customizable products without the hassle of inventory management.

Additionally, utilizing Sale Samurai’s tools for SEO and keyword optimization can help you enhance your product listings and reach a broader audience. Start your entrepreneurial journey today by selecting from these top products and make the most of Etsy’s vast marketplace.

Using these techniques are sure to bring life into any online store.

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