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In the many ways one can promote what they do on Etsy, there is a growing practice of running a regular blog to keep customers informed while at the same time reaching out and enticing new ones. And it’s becoming popular because it’s true; one of the best ways to market your shop and products is by blogging. However, many sellers believe that running a blog is either too difficult, takes up too much time, or that they have no idea what to blog about.

But it’s really not so hard to do and to maintain. Having a blog for your Etsy business, on the other hand, can help with SEO, getting noticed in Google searches, and drastically increasing your sales for more money into your shop! An excellent trade-off if you ask us. So, if you want to broaden your shop’s marketing reach, a blog is a wonderful tool to have. Just remember that adding content on a regular basis is critical, thus dedication is essential. A good method is to blend business and shop-related posts with some fun and personal posts. And here are some fun topics that you can explore in your blog and keep people interested in what you do.

The Manufacturing Method and Philosophy You Employ

What is it about what you do that makes you different from the rest? Show what you mean in your blog posts.

Do you only use materials from a certain part of the world? Do you only use recycled items? Why is it that you choose such things over other methods which might be easier? And what is the history of those decisions? You might find many who connect with you over this and agree with your mindset, and they will usually be more willing to buy from you now that a small connection has been made. Build on that, keep it honest, and grow the concept. Doing this might even influence what new products you develop and where you take your store in the future.

Recently Obtained Thrift Shop Finds

Is your shop more of a vintage second-hand type of affair? Such stores do wonderfully well on the Etsy platform and people who are into such things love hearing about the histories of where each piece came from and how they were found. And the crazier the story behind it the better! For something like this, you can employ some creative liberties but try to keep it as true as possible to what really went on when you found some of these pieces. And it does not have to be about everything you sell, it can be just about the ones with the most unique or interesting histories. Or tales of what you needed to go through to get it: travel time, locations, barn finds, and the interesting people you meet along the way.

Your Favorite Foods or Dishes

Even if your store has nothing to do with food or the culinary arts, everyone has to eat and most people love to do so. Engaging with your audience about your personal preferences for food, or meals you’ve had while traveling, all of this brings the buyers closer to the sellers in no small way. It adds a layer of familiarity, much less transactional than before this knowledge. The more someone likes another, even superficially, the more included they are to engage with those people again, and that invites sales and (most importantly) repeat sales from returning customers. Bring them into your fold by way of food and they might never leave.

Host Or Take Part in An Internet Challenge

Now, we’re not talking about being the latest person to do something silly with detergent pods, but it still remains true that online challenges have become something of a mainstay for many people. Even if it’s just a gathering to do a flash mob dance or everyone around the world singing the same song at the same time, these tiny things really do bring a lot of people joy. If you can somehow tie them into what you sell or what your provide, all the better. For example, let’s say you sell crocheted tablecloths. You could have a challenge for people to create one in one week and send in pictures, and the best one (picked by you) would get something as a prize from your store. Those types of things can really get people going in a very positive and safe way. And they’ll remember your store for a long time.

New Goods You’re Working On

Especially after you’ve established a following, a blog every now and then about all the cool new things you’re going to have up for sale soon will create a good buzz amongst your customers. It’s also a great way to get some early feedback and see what types of things create the most positive responses. Ask your customers what they think; they’ll tell you. Everyone gets excited to be the first to hear about something new, and you giving them early access to your plans makes them feel wanted and included. And that generates word of mouth as well, you’ll see.

List Of Your Favorite Etsy Merchants

Conventional thinking would dictate that everyone else on Etsy is your competitor, but you know that conventional business plans have little to do with how things actually work today in this arena. “Competing” shops can be great allies if you work it right. This is also a great way to cross-promote with other vendors you are friendly with, or whose products complement yours in some way, and vice versa. The people buying from you might be very interested in items in a similar vein that go together, and will absolutely favor someone you suggest over a store they have no connection to. This is something very much worth trying out.

While you should keep your blog focused on your store and product area, don’t be afraid to get personal or discuss topics that your customers can definitely relate to. This is only a starting point. Make a list of any more thoughts that come to mind as you read this, and good luck with your blogging!

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