How to Sell Social Media Templates as Digital Downloads on Etsy

No matter how you look at it, there is always money to be made in social media. Even with the introduction of AI and algorithm updates, you can still make money in the social media space if you know what

home decor etsy
The sweet spot of home decor: How to profit from customizable and downloadable home décor

Are you an Etsy seller looking to tap into a new and profitable niche? Downloadable home decor items might be just the choice for you. In the digital era we live in, home decor is no longer just about physical

How to turn pixels into listings: Digital prints, patterns and images on Etsy

We live in a computerized age where creativity knows no bounds. Аnd thanks to platforms like Etsy, those with digital skills and flair can turn their creations into a thriving side gig. If you possess artistic skills, graphic design abilities,

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The Explosion Of Digital Downloads

If someone told me even fifteen years ago that there would be a booming industry of people who worked from home and created items to download from computers, I’d have said that idea was nice but not likely. And I

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Digital Downloads : Editable Business Cards

The traditional business card. Almost everyone’s had one at one point, or at the very least was given one, and it was assumed there was a right way and a wrong way to have them done. And for a long

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Digital Download Overview For Ecommerce Sellers

If you are anything like us, we were buying and searching on Etsy way before we were selling on it. That’s a common experience for many, and if we could further guess we’d say you were looking for one-of-a-kind hand-crafted

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Digital Downloads For Your Etsy Store: Etsy Shop Packages

In its most simplistic description, Etsy is an online superstore where vendors can post and sell handmade, vintage, craft materials, and one-of-a-kind items. Digital goods including printables, digital art, and other downloadable goods are also sold by some Etsy vendors.

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Digital downloads: Labels and stickers for your Etsy business

Digital stickers are the newest type of downloadable content and can be used in any number of applications. For our purposes, it’s also one of the hottest products you can get involved with as an online seller. But what exactly

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How to Sell Digital Planners on Etsy

With the rise of digital downloads on the internet and especially Etsy, more and more creatives, handmakers, and sellers are turning to this incredible passive income opportunity. Digital planners specifically are a huge untapped market ripe for the picking. Here’s

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The History of Stickers and How They Became a Must-Have Item Part 2: The History of Stickers Themselves

In our continuing look into the sticker craze and how you can profit well from it, it might be important to know that this is really not a new concept. But just how far back does the idea of creating