How to Take Pictures For Your Etsy Products

You’ll hear a lot of times that running an online business automatically makes you a content creator and it’s completely true! In order to keep up with the fast-paced e-commerce world, new social trends, and changing SEO rules you have

etsy jewelry photography
How To Photograph Jewelry To Sell On Etsy

Jewelry is among the most oversaturated product niches on Etsy and e-commerce stores, so having a shop that really pops is super important for Etsy SEO and differentiating yourself from the competition. With the right strategy, product, and branding you

How Many Images Should You Use for Your Etsy Listing?

Whether you’re shopping on Etsy, Amazon, or some other e-commerce giant, the product image was probably the first thing you looked at as you clicked the item. You may have even scrolled through a few of the listing images before