handmade posters etsy
Handmade Posters And Prints: How To Spot Niches And Earn Sales For Your Art On Etsy

Aspiring artists now have an outlet for their creativity. And that’s through the Etsy platform, which enables them to get more exposure for their art. Whether in the form of posters or prints, these popular wall décor items have a wide range of uses and offer even more variety than you could imagine. So, without […]

handmade journals etsy
Handmade Journals, Notebooks & Calendars: How To Profit From No-Content Books On Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces for authentic, creative, and hand-crafted goods. The platform is host to millions of buyers who are actively looking for unique products to purchase. With a market consisting of different categories that you can tap into as a Seller, it may be difficult to make the right choices […]

etsy blacksmith
So, You’re A Blacksmith? Best-Selling Strategies And Tactics For Niche Artisans On Etsy

As a marketplace for handmade, creative, and authentic products, Etsy is home to a wide variety of craftsmen and artisans. Blacksmiths included. If you are a talented blacksmith, you can grow a successful side business by selling your handmade creations to people who will appreciate your skills with iron and steel. However, in order to […]

etsy handmade cats
Handmade Etsy Items For Cats: Etsy Strategies, Tactics And Tricks With Sale Samurai

People love cats. It’s just how the universe works. Searching for the word “cats” on Etsy will give you a massive 1,025,520 results (including ads) and a search volume of 26,666. Does this mean the niche is saturated and you can’t bring your creativity to the table? Absolutely not. Sale Samurai is able to help […]

etsy tailor
So, You’re A Tailor? Best-Selling Strategies And Tactics For Niche Artisans On Etsy

If you’re a tailor or an artisan who specializes in handmade apparel, selling on Etsy could help pave the way to a sweet pot of gold. One of the world’s most popular platforms for selling crafts and handmade items is home to a myriad of clothing designers and manufacturers. There are more than 5,000 apparel […]

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So, You’re A Jeweler? Best-Selling Strategies And Tactics For Niche Artisans On Etsy

Jewelry has been a gift staple for generations; centuries, in fact. It’s also a great way of spoiling oneself, as recent trends have shown that jewelry purchases have grown in leaps and bounds over the past year, notwithstanding the pandemic. The industry is only set to grow further as forecasts indicate that the global jewelry […]

etsy handmade holiday products
Why Aligning Your Handmade Products With Holidays Is A Must On Etsy (And How To Do It)

The last quarter of every year, which signals the start of the holiday season, is one of the most profitable times to be selling on Etsy. With buyers looking for gifts for all the holidays that abound during this period, it’s no wonder that many Sellers are aligning their handmade products with the holidays. It […]