Upcycling: One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure!

“Upcycling” is a fancy new word for an older item that has been altered or repurposed to become something completely different and useful. It’s not only good for the planet (saves landfill), but it is also a way for you

Etsy offers some truly stunning handcrafted jewelry boxes: Here’s why you should enter this niche

If you’re a jewelry enthusiast or someone with an eye for unique treasures, you’re in for a treat. Etsy, the artisanal heaven, beckons you to explore a niche that seamlessly blends craftsmanship and elegance. From intricately designed keepsake boxes to

Handmade lingerie on Etsy is cute, sexy and profitable: Here’s everything you should know about it

Handmade lingerie isn’t just an intimate indulgence. It’s a statement of elegance, a celebration of sensuality, and a surprisingly lucrative venture. But how do you enter such a market? Let’s journey through this delicate category where cuteness meets sexiness, and

What are the bestselling birthday gifts to target on Etsy as a handmade designer
What are the bestselling birthday gifts to target on Etsy as a handmade designer?

Birthdays are annual milestones that practically every person around the world celebrates and Etsy is the platform for handmade birthday presents. But with such a broad audience, sellers must first work out how big the market is and what the

Handcrafted kitchen knives on Etsy_ Should you compete in the Etsy market as a blacksmith
Handcrafted kitchen knives on Etsy: Should you compete in the Etsy market as a blacksmith?

Are you a blacksmith interested in tapping into the bustling Etsy marketplace with your handmade kitchen knives? This niche, revered for its blend of artistry and functionality, presents a unique opportunity for extra revenue. Dive into the world of handcrafted

handmade etsy gifts
Best of the best in the handmade Christmas gift category on Etsy (2023)

As the Christmas excitement builds up, so does worry about choosing the perfect presents. Etsy outshines all other marketplaces with its massive collection of handmade Christmas gifts. Naturally, this makes it a preferable shopping destination. But with over 12 million

Is it worth targeting unofficial holidays with your handmade products on Etsy?

Imagine this – a sea of passionate shoppers racing against the clock to score the perfect purchase. But contrary to mass assumption, it’s not Black Friday, nor is it Christmas. Instead, it’s something like National Sock Day or International Dog

Handmade decals and skins for your electronic devices: how to design and market them on Etsy

The French word “décalcomanie” or the English version “decalcomania” refers to a way of transferring prints to pottery. And while historically useful, in today’s modern world we rely on electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops for this process.

Handmade bottle openers on Etsy: How big is this market and what are the most lucrative niches

Etsy stands as a haven for creative artisans, showcasing an array of unique and handcrafted treasures. A domain that might surprise you with its appeal in the marketplace is handmade bottle openers. These tools have taken on a new identity

Handmade bags are every woman’s favorite accessory, but are they big on Etsy?

From tote bags to clutches, handmade bags have a unique place in every woman’s heart. But there’s one question that stirs curiosity among sellers. Are these artisanal treasures making a significant mark on Etsy? In the following sections, we delve