Handmade decals and skins for your electronic devices: how to design and market them on Etsy

The French word “décalcomanie” or the English version “decalcomania” refers to a way of transferring prints to pottery. And while historically useful, in today’s modern world we rely on electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops for this process.

Handmade bottle openers on Etsy: How big is this market and what are the most lucrative niches

Etsy stands as a haven for creative artisans, showcasing an array of unique and handcrafted treasures. A domain that might surprise you with its appeal in the marketplace is handmade bottle openers. These tools have taken on a new identity

Handmade bags are every woman’s favorite accessory, but are they big on Etsy?

From tote bags to clutches, handmade bags have a unique place in every woman’s heart. But there’s one question that stirs curiosity among sellers. Are these artisanal treasures making a significant mark on Etsy? In the following sections, we delve

Handmade keychains on Etsy: how big is this niche and will it lock your shop in for success?

It’s safe to say that every adult has a set of keys on them at all times. Whether it’s for their home, car or postal box, there’s something quite special about accessorizing your keys with a personalized keychain. This is

Handcrafted astrology: How popular are zodiac-themed handmade items on Etsy?

Every person is born under an astrological sign. Whether a conversational point or something you truly believe in, zodiac signs are part of every person’s life. There’s great demand for zodiac and astrology-related handmade products on Etsy and if you’re

Baking tools and supplies: how big is the pastry-cooking scene on Etsy?

For those with a passion for creating delectable treats in their kitchen, Etsy emerges as the ultimate platform for procuring top-notch baking supplies. This bustling marketplace boasts a staggering 386,671 items in the baking supplies category, as evidenced by a

Sizzling hot: What are the most popular handmade niches to enter this Summer season on Etsy?

The summer season is here and Etsy shoppers are on the hunt for the next big thing! If you’re eager to dazzle the marketplace with your handmade magic, this is your sun-soaked moment. In the following sections, we’re spilling the

shoes etsy
Let’s Talk About Shoes: How Big is This Handmade Segment on Etsy?

There’s a lot to be said about handmade shoes. What makes them stand out is that they’re not the typical mass-produced footwear that is available on marketplaces today. With handmade shoes, customers are able to get something unique, genuine, and

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Knitting Supplies: A Featured Category on Etsy That’s Worth Unraveling

In the colorful world of Etsy, there’s a hidden treasure trove – knitting tools and supplies. As a featured category that beckons artisans and DIY enthusiasts with its captivating offerings, knitting craft supplies are a lucrative market to tap into

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Boho, Eclectic or Minimalist – What Is The Style That Brings The Most Cash to Etsy Décor Artists

Boho, Eclectic or Minimalist: what is the style that brings the most cash to Etsy decor artists? In the vast and vibrant world of Etsy, creativity flourishes. Countless artists and artisans showcase their unique creations to captivate the hearts of