etsy gifts for toddlers handmade
Handmade gifts for toddlers: how big is this niche on Etsy and is it worth your while?

Toddlers are at an age where everything is fascinating to them. They approach the world with vivid curiosity to learn and explore. And the best way to stimulate their thirst for knowledge is with toys. But with so many manufactured

handmade wallpapers etsy
Handmade wallpapers of Etsy: how big is the category, what are bestsellers doing right?

Handmade wallpaper is an incredible way to bring life to your interior. As a home décor accessory, it’s come in and out of fashion over the years. Nowadays, it’s making a comeback. And is there a better springboard than Etsy

handmade niches etsy Q1
Handmade niches to prepare for in Q1 of 2023

Q1 of 2023 is in full swing, but the best of it is still to come. If you’re wondering how to diversify your seller portfolio and tap into fruitful niches with guaranteed profitability, we’re here to help. In the following

stickers on etsy
The History of Stickers and How They Became a Must-Have Item on Etsy

Ah, stickers. An essential item for any elementary schooler or journaling hobbyist. These highly versatile and stylish things have been around for a while and have made waves on Etsy and other online stores in recent years. Cheap, customizable, and

sell hand made clothes on etsy
What are the most profitable pieces of handmade clothing on Etsy?

We all know about the downsides of “fast fashion”. And with the availability of so many utterly unique clothing items on the market, why should you purchase something that everyone else has when you can wear a totally custom outfit?

handmade figurine etsy
Handmade Figurines On Etsy: How Big Is The Market, What Defines It, And Is It Worth Your While?

Gold-like bookcase ornaments, Japanese tree spirits, wooden Christmas tree decorations, animals, knights, gnomes and fairies. All of these figurine types and more are available on Etsy in abundance. In fact, there are over 650,000 such listings on the marketplace. If

handmade craft etsy
Can You Enter The Craft Supplies & Tools Category If You’re A Handmade Crafter?

A quick search on Etsy for the keywords “craft supplies & tools” yields 13,113,139 listings, while “handmade” gives us 6,953,254. It’s therefore safe to assume that the craft supplies and tools category on the platform is practically double that of

how to price on etsy
How And When To Price Your Handmade Items On Etsy Above The Average

If you’re selling handmade items and looking for a select audience, Etsy is the place to be. As the world’s most popular marketplace for hand-crafted and authentic products, the platform can make your creations discoverable and attractive to millions of

handmade cosmetics etsy
Handmade Cosmetics On Etsy: How Big Is The Niche, Is It Worth Targeting, And What Will It Net You?

The natural cosmetics market is expected to reach a total value of $41.91 billion this year. If you would like a share of this sizable pie by selling on Etsy, there are some important strategies to consider. But first, we

etsy handmade toys for kids
Etsy’s handmade toys for kids: what are the most popular ones, what makes them stand out?

With the festive season just around the corner, many parents will be on the lookout for special gifts to give their young children. Luckily, Etsy offers a massive variety of handmade children’s toys. These can not only be fun to