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Holiday sales are usually boons for those who can time them right with the proper merchandise. A little something for everyone for each celebration, done in good taste, will boost your sales for sure. And all it takes is a calendar and the knowledge of how your items sell, to whom, and when. You’ll see patterns emerge and if you track them properly, you’ll be ahead of the curve each and every time and see the profits of your diligence come in. And with the spring comes any number of religious and ethnic holidays, and today we focus on the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid.


Eid al-Fitr was invented by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, this according to Muslim belief. There is no solid evidence of this, so this is a faith-based event. These celebrations are said to have started in Medina after Muhammad moved there from Mecca (in accordance with some traditions). When Muhammad first came to Medina, Anas, a well-known companion, related that he observed people celebrating two particular days in which they amused themselves with revelry and pleasure. Muhammad believed that his God has predetermined two holidays: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Eid al-Fitr traditionally starts around dusk on the night of the first crescent moon sighting. The holiday is observed the next day if the moon cannot be seen directly after the 29th day of the preceding lunar month. On the Day of Eid, fasting ends and is actually banned, and a special prayer is designated for this occasion. But before completing the Eid prayer, money is given to the needy and the destitute as a required act of charity.

There is no call to prayer for this Eid prayer, which merely consists of two units of prayer with varying numbers of Takbirs and other components depending on the school of Islam practiced. After the speech and the Eid prayer, a plea is made to God for forgiveness, mercy, peace, and blessings for all living things worldwide. Muslims visit their family, friends, and acquaintances after prayers or host large events in their homes or gathering centers.

On Eid al-Fitr, many Muslims frequently bring prayer carpets to the mosque. According to their traditions, Sunni Muslims praise their god loudly as they approach the Eid prayer. Recitation ends when they arrive at the Eid location or when the Imam starts the Eid rituals. The rest of the prayers are said according to local tradition. When the components have been recited, the Eid prayer is complete and the celebrations begin.

Layla’s Delicacies Mediterranean Treats Gift Box for Eid Mubarak

Muslim greetings for Eid include the Arabic phrase “Eid Mubarak,” which means “Happy Eid.” Due to the fact that it follows a month of fasting, sweet meals and dishes are frequently made and eaten during the celebration. Muslims often adorn their homes and are taught to extend forgiveness to one another. It is typically a public holiday with many schools and businesses closed in nations with sizable Muslim populations. The customs in each nation and region vary.

An ideal method for people to show family and friends that they care is to give them something like this lavish Mediterranean gift box. This one-of-a-kind box was created with the love of an artist in mind and includes a variety of delectable works of art that have the perfect balance of nutty flavors and are just sweet enough for indulgence on this special occasion. This Eid gift box is all-natural and packed with generous servings of nutrients. It is both halal and kosher, so no dietary restrictions come into play.

Tunisian artisans create each and every one of these delicacies by hand, and each of these bakers has years of experience producing the tastiest sweet treats. Each piece is created with a great deal of passion and love, and they hand-pick all of the nuts they use in them. To improve the flavor, they add natural honey and flower water to appeal to all the senses at once.

Original Black Cover Of Kaaba

This is one of the more unusual items we found while researching this piece. This is a section of an actual cover of the Kaaba that can be framed or hung and handed down through generations. Varying-sized sections are available, but as you might suspect many have been sold out already. But what is this exactly?

The Kaaba is a stone temple at the center of Islam’s most significant mosque and holiest site, the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Muslims around the world utilize it as their direction of prayer, or “House of God”. After the old edifice was destroyed by fire in 683 during the siege of Mecca, a replacement structure was constructed.

Islam holds that the Kaaba was reconstructed multiple times throughout history. Muslims gather from around the world to walk around it in prayer as a pilgrimage, involving going around the Kaaba seven times counterclockwise. Upwards of seven million Muslims journey to Mecca to do this each year. And each year at an appointed time, the cloth covering of the Kaaba is replaced. This is a small piece of that removed cloth. It comes with a COA to show where it came from and how it was sectioned.

Personalized Thick Padded Velvet Prayer Mat

This is a wonderful gift for anyone of the Islamic religion, an integral part of prayer and worship by those faithful. In Islam, the various positions of prayer involve placing a prayer mat between the worshipper and the ground to maintain cleanliness. They entail sitting on the ground and making prostrations. Before praying, a Muslim must perform wudu (ablution), and they must do it in a spotless environment.

Shoes must be taken off when using the prayer mat since its goal is to keep the area tidy so that people can pray to their god. Traditionally, weavers create numerous fresh prayer mats either individually or in a factory. A prayer mat’s style is determined by its weaver and the village from which it was made. These rugs typically have numerous lovely geometric designs and forms. They occasionally even have artwork on them. These pictures are almost always of significant Islamic sites (like the Kaaba), but they are never of living things. This is due to the Islamic ban on drawing living things on prayer mats.

As we mentioned above, Muslims must face Mecca, the Islamic center of prayer, when they bow down to pray, and a niche at the top of the mat that resembles a mosque’s mihrab must be pointed in that direction. Every Muslim must be aware of their location’s qibla, or orientation towards Mecca, whether they are at home or on the go. This personalized creation serves this purpose abundantly.

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