etsy product descriptions
Create Converting Product Descriptions With Automation

Creating compelling product descriptions that engage and convert buyers on Etsy, and using AI to do so It really doesn’t matter what you are engaged with on TV or the internet today, you’re going to come across “AI”, and lists

listing optimization etsy
Quarterly Listing Optimization For Your Etsy Business

While we are discussing checking and updating things on our sales sites each quarter, it is important to re-evaluate the actual keywords you’re using for SEO as well. Veterans of this know the score, but for the newbies out there

perfect etsy listing
How to craft the perfect listing title on Etsy depending on product type

The title of your listing on Etsy is one of the very first elements that your customer sees. It needs to be short and sweet because your chance of grabbing your audience’s attention is limited. And, you need to make

etsy listing description
How to create Etsy listing descriptions that sell

Sometimes, setting up your listing on Etsy is more challenging than creating the product itself. At the same time, the quality of your description has too much power over your performance to neglect. To help you overcome this barrier, we’re

selling plants and seeds on etsy
Plants and seeds: how does this unusual niche fare on Etsy?

Perhaps plants and seeds are not what many would consider as available to purchase on Etsy. But they can be bought there. Those with green fingers will be pleased to know that there are over 1.6 million listings on the

etsy listing seo
How to Create an Effective SEO Etsy Listing Description for Journals

If you are into creating your own work for sale online through platforms such as Etsy, you are aware of how important SEO is in your continuing success. There’s just no other way around it, you need to be seen

etsy shop name
Coming Up With A Name For Your Etsy Shop

Selling on Etsy is a fantastic method to start your online business or expand an already successful one. The online market has assisted artists, curators, manufacturers, and craftspeople from all around the world in starting and expanding their enterprises since

promote etsy store blogging
How To Promote Your Etsy Store by Blogging

In the many ways one can promote what they do on Etsy, there is a growing practice of running a regular blog to keep customers informed while at the same time reaching out and enticing new ones. And it’s becoming

etsy seller mistake
9 Most Expensive Mistakes New Etsy Sellers Make

Being an Etsy seller is a serious undertaking, and can be a daunting process. Owning an Etsy shop means honing your craft, curating engaging listings, promoting and marketing your work, and going above and beyond to make the shoppers’ experience

etsy listing variants
How To Add Variations To Your Etsy Listings

Your Etsy shop is doing fantastic! Sales are coming in left right and center and you’re on top of everything. Sound like you? Hopefully yes, if not one of the reasons may be that your listings don’t have variations. Buyers