Fringe holidays on Etsy: Do they make for good handmade niches?

When searching for ways to diversify your portfolio on Etsy, you’ve probably brainstormed ideas around official holidays. Handmade gems for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and St. Valentine’s Day sell like hotcakes. But what about unofficial holidays? Can fringe holidays form attractive

handmade etsy gifts
Best of the best in the handmade Christmas gift category on Etsy (2023)

As the Christmas excitement builds up, so does worry about choosing the perfect presents. Etsy outshines all other marketplaces with its massive collection of handmade Christmas gifts. Naturally, this makes it a preferable shopping destination. But with over 12 million

Is it worth targeting unofficial holidays with your handmade products on Etsy?

Imagine this – a sea of passionate shoppers racing against the clock to score the perfect purchase. But contrary to mass assumption, it’s not Black Friday, nor is it Christmas. Instead, it’s something like National Sock Day or International Dog

eid al fitr etsy
Eid-Al-Fitr – A Potential Etsy Niche For Your Business

Holiday sales are usually boons for those who can time them right with the proper merchandise. A little something for everyone for each celebration, done in good taste, will boost your sales for sure. And all it takes is a