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Digital Downloads For Your Etsy Store: Etsy Shop Packages

In its most simplistic description, Etsy is an online superstore where vendors can post and sell handmade, vintage, craft materials, and one-of-a-kind items. Digital goods including printables, digital art, and other downloadable goods are also sold by some Etsy vendors.

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Quarterly Listing Optimization For Your Etsy Business

While we are discussing checking and updating things on our sales sites each quarter, it is important to re-evaluate the actual keywords you’re using for SEO as well. Veterans of this know the score, but for the newbies out there

history of stickers on etsy
The History of Stickers and How They Became a Must-Have Item Part 3: Sticker Technology

As we have touched upon in earlier articles about the power of the everyday sticker, the increase in their usage and overall popularity goes hand-in-hand with the technology used to produce them and make them adhere to other items. And

lighting niche on etsy
Let there be light: Dissecting the lighting niche on Etsy

Are you looking to shine a light on your Etsy sale strategy and advance in an ever-growing niche? Look no further, because in this post we’ll dissect the lighting gig on Etsy. From analyzing best-selling products to examining valuable metrics,

how to sell thank y ou cards on etsy
How to Sell Thank You Cards As Digital Downloads on Etsy

Have you heard about this new and growing niche on Etsy that is allowing people worldwide to make hundreds, thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a month in passive income? It’s called Digital Downloads and sellers are just

how to sell digital planners on etsy
How to Sell Digital Planners on Etsy

With the rise of digital downloads on the internet and especially Etsy, more and more creatives, handmakers, and sellers are turning to this incredible passive income opportunity. Digital planners specifically are a huge untapped market ripe for the picking. Here’s

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How to craft the perfect listing title on Etsy depending on product type

The title of your listing on Etsy is one of the very first elements that your customer sees. It needs to be short and sweet because your chance of grabbing your audience’s attention is limited. And, you need to make

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Exploring the grim, yet profitable pet loss niche on Etsy: Bestsellers and best practices

Losing a pet is painful. This is why many pet owners are looking for ways to lay their furry friends to rest with respect and dignity. Whether it’s a memorial stone or a pet urn, Etsy truly delivers in the

expanding etsy gig to other countries
Expanding your Etsy gig to other countries: Is it worth it and how to do it?

Research shows that Etsy has sellers in over 200 countries around the world. However, most of the sales are made in the US. Despite this, it can be argued that there is a business opportunity to make your products available

pet merch on etsy
Pet merch on Etsy: How big is this niche and is it worth your while?

Any pet owner will tell you that they love spoiling their beloved animals when they get the chance. And Etsy shines in this regard. If you are a seller who has the capability of producing pet-related merch and you want