optimize etsy listings
How To Optimize Your Etsy Listings Like A Pro (May 2022 Search Algorithm Update)

The number of Sellers on Etsy is skyrocketing. From 4.4 million in 2020 to 7.5 million in 2021, Etsy is becoming ever more competitive. As a result, the platform is looking at new ways to differentiate Sellers from each other, help customers find what they are looking for, and ultimately improve the search and user […]

etsy listing optimizer
Sale Samurai’s Listing Creator: Listing Your Products On Etsy Has Never Been This Easy

What if there was a way for you to list your products on Etsy with a helping hand from a knowing friend? Consider Sale Samurai’s Listing Creator just that. This module was designed to assist you with not only creating but also optimizing your listings. And doing so has never been this easy. Wondering how […]

diy kits etsy
How To Join The MYO (Make Your Own) Craft Kits Crazy On Etsy: Seller Strategies And Insights

Etsy is one of the most popular spaces for creative and art-enthusiastic people. So, it’s only natural that products related to creating things with your own hands will sell like hotcakes. After all, the act of creation is pure pleasure in the eyes of artists. As a Seller, you can take advantage of this opportunity […]

personailzed clothing etsy
Personalized Clothing On Etsy: It is Worth Pursuing?

As a platform for handmade and authentic items, Etsy offers a myriad of product categories. Even if you’ve selected a fecund category, you can always narrow it down to specific niches and audiences. One particularly interesting product category is handmade clothing. Considering the nature of Etsy, you would imagine that custom-made clothes are a hot […]

handmade posters etsy
Handmade Posters And Prints: How To Spot Niches And Earn Sales For Your Art On Etsy

Aspiring artists now have an outlet for their creativity. And that’s through the Etsy platform, which enables them to get more exposure for their art. Whether in the form of posters or prints, these popular wall décor items have a wide range of uses and offer even more variety than you could imagine. So, without […]

shipping policies
What Are Etsy’s Shipping Policies? How Can You Use Them To Your Advantage?

The cost of shipping can make or break a sale. This has never been more true for Etsy than now. Research indicates that approximately 80% of online shoppers are persuaded to shop online with the option of free shipping included. Meanwhile, around 56% of millennials, who are Etsy’s primary audience, expect same-day shipping options. Some […]

sending etsy messages to buyers
Sending Etsy Messages To Buyers: Examples and Templates

Communication is key in any business and especially so when running an online store. Just because it’s e-commerce doesn’t mean you don’t need to have a personal touch when interacting with customers and Etsy is no different. Luckily Etsy gives Sellers the option to include a personalized message with orders. Here’s everything you need to […]

create private listings on etsy
How To Create Private Listings On Etsy

Out of all the e-commerce platforms that online shoppers have the opportunity to use, Etsy is hands down one of the more unique options. Etsy is a dedicated platform for all things arts and crafts so, it’s the ideal place for handmakers and creators to showcase their unique talents and sell their products. It only […]

vintage etsy shops
Top 10 Shops For Vintage Items On Etsy: Tips & Strategies To Follow

Vintage items on Etsy are unique because they need to be carefully sourced in terms of Etsy’s house rules. No vintage item from a yard or garage sale is permitted on the platform and there are other criteria to keep in mind, too. However, vintage is huge – making up one of the three main […]

handmade journals etsy
Handmade Journals, Notebooks & Calendars: How To Profit From No-Content Books On Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces for authentic, creative, and hand-crafted goods. The platform is host to millions of buyers who are actively looking for unique products to purchase. With a market consisting of different categories that you can tap into as a Seller, it may be difficult to make the right choices […]